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Don't Lose Your Head in the Colorful "Headsnatchers," Out Next Month
Credit: Iceberg Interactive Don't lose your head, but Iceberg Interactive and IguanaBee's colorful new game Headsnatchers is coming next month. The game is about to hit both Switch and PC on November 7, as IguanaBee just announced There's no official word on when the PlayStation 4 version will drop, but it's apparently still coming. This neon-tinged party game[...]
Headsnatchers Gets a New Trailer Promoting Early Access in July
Back at PAX East, we saw Headsnatchers as being one of the funniest games we had a chance to play during the entire event Now it looks like the game is getting some attention from livestreams and some YouTube videos that caught people's eyes and made them want the game a lot sooner than planned[...]
I'm Just Trying Not to Lose My Head in Headsnatchers
Probably one of the funniest games we came across on the last day of PAX East came to us from Iceberg Interactive in the form of Headsnatchers If you didn't get the concept from the title, it's basically a game where you snatch heads off your opponent's bodies The game is a multiplayer melee game[...]
Cracking Skulls Takes on New Meaning in Headsnatchers
IguanaBee and Iceberg Interactive's Headsnatchers is so well named, we're kind of in-awe of it The first thing you do with a Headsnatchers match is choose your head, which is the only way you can identify yourself, as everyone has the same nondescript body And your goal from then on is to tackle your opponents, rip[...]