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Goodnight, World!: Sesame Street and Headspace Launch Podcast, Books
Headspace, the meditation and sleep app company, and Sesame Street are teaming up to help kids and parents make bedtime a little easier with a new podcast and book series titled Goodnight, World! Headspace designed the new sleep-oriented podcasts, "the sleep cast", to "create the right conditions for healthy, restful sleep." The 12-episode, 20-minute episodes of[...]
'Headspace Guide To Meditation' Is Clarity For Netflix Viewers: Review
Netflix has taken a step towards recognizing an outlet of clarity and peace for viewers by adding a new series, Headspace Guide to Meditation. The short series seeks to go episode by episode with new techniques in each, helping those who both understand and those who don't understand meditation a path forward in the new year. Cr[...]
Finding Relaxation In The Trailer For Netflix's 'Headspace'
After surviving the year that is 2020, Netflix saw an opportunity in collaborating with a popular meditation app, creating a new series for the masses, Headspace.  This has become an exciting development for the ever-expanding content of the global platform According to Netflix, they won't only be premiering one part of this new series next year,[...]
IDW To Publish Headspace From Ryan K Lindsay And Eric Zawadski
The digital comic Headspace, originally published by Monkeybrain Inc, is now going to print thanks to IDW Publishing The story of a small town and its Sheriff that discovers that they exist in someone's mind is from the creative team of Ryan K Lindsay (CMKY) and Eric Zawadski (Last Born). "Headspace is a personal tale Eric[...]
Swipe File: Headspace And Northlanders
Ryan Lindsay and Eric Zawadzki's early page for Headspace #1 from 2014. Brian Wood and David Gianfelice's opening page for Northlanders #1 from 2007.   In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox We trust you, the reader,[...]
The Aussie Comics Round Up – Headspace, Da 'n Dill, Winter City
Here's a small sample of creators I've caught up with over the past couple of weeks: Headspace Ryan Lindsay is starting to garner some attention in the bigger end of the industry, and rightly so based on his output to date His latest work is a fascinating story of a cop called Shane, who's living in a[...]
Picking Up The Pace In Monkeybrain's Headspace #1
Monkeybrain's Headspace #1 from Ryan K Lindsay and Eric Zawadzki follows that pattern in fairly typical style, introducing our small-town setting – Carpenter Cove – and its world-weary Sheriff Shane He's a lawmaker alright, and a weary one. [*Mild Spoilers Below!] Then 4 pages in, it gets weird. Headspace isn't so much High Noon as it is Sleepy Hollow[...]