Monsters Unleashed on Avengers Academy

The game is really giving Marvel Comics a run for their money for most events! This marks already the third event this year alone, after a year of rolling events in the series pushing players to part hard earned cash for premium characters and content.This time around, new characters to the Academy to unlock include[...]

Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here

I've already pointed out two of DC's Trinity, a vast section of X-Men, but also, the Avengers are not without their immigrants.[caption id="attachment_604926" align="aligncenter" width="421"] Art by Greg Land[/caption]Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Nova, Black Widow, Rage, Black Panther, Hercules - heroes often from global backgrounds coming together to fight for what is right, and accepted in[...]

Was Marvel's Top Ten Costume List An April Fool's Joke?

Hercules makes the list in what I believe was once voted one of the worst costumes in comics along with Gambit who also makes the list Other surprising entries on the list are the new Moon Knight, Storm, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales and Captain Marvel who are all basically in newer costumes.I saw this list and[...]

FOOL; Marvel To Let Readers Choose Hercules' Sexual Orientation

Specifically Hercules being described as straight by EIC Axel Alonso despite having been portrayed in that fashion classically and in Marvel continuity And Angela not being described as bisexual, choosing not to "label" her despite some full-on scenes in her current title.Hercules seems to be more a sufferer of "bi-rasure" however, and the criticism has[...]

Marvel's Hercules Comic, A Little More LGBTQI Than You May Have Been Led To Think

When Marvel launched the comic book Hercules, Marvel was initially applauded for publishing a comic with a lead bisexual character.The problem was that the creators, editor and publisher had forgotten that a previous comic had suggested that Hercules was bisexual, with Northstar as one of his previous lovers.And Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso came straight out[...]

Gay Website Suddenly Okay With New Hercules Comic

 There was some concern that the mythology-established and Marvel-hinted bisexuality of the character Hercules was going to be removed in the upcoming new series from Marvel by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross It became quite a thing.But after seeing some of the art, Dan Avery of gay-themed pop culure website NewNowNext suddenly feels a little[...]

Axel Talks Hercules Again, Teases Power Man And Iron Fist And What Of The Fantastic Four?

Last week, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso told CBR, regarding the upcoming Hercules comic book, and the identification of the Greek God as bisexual in the Marvel Universe. Hercules and James Howlett's relationship in "X-Treme X-Men" took place in a unique alternate universe, similar to how Colossus was gay in the Ultimate Universe, but is straight in the 616[...]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: Closeting The Classics

This is something he's had to do a fair bit recently, as Marvel seems to be making some pretty big missteps in regards to showing that commitment to diversity...one of which was actually in the interview.As part of the interview, they discussed the recently announced Hercules book coming from Marvel by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross,[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 3rd August 2015 – The Orientation Of A God

For Now 4. Good Luck Finding Greg Land's Latest References 5. Spider-Gwen Creators Can't Officially Create New Characters For The Series? 6. Ant-Man Easter Egg Check List 7. Black Widow Is Just The Worst Person Alive  8. Hercules - A New Bisexual Lead For Marvel Comics? 9. The Moment Lois Worked It Out 10. Marvel Collects Civil War In A $500 Box Set And Reprints The Civil War Hardcover 11[...]

Hercules – A New Bisexual Lead For Marvel Comics?

With this news, does that mean that all of them will be coming true?CBR has the exclusive news from Marvel PR of a new Hercules comic book series by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross starring the Greek God as part of Marvel lore.Hercules also has the honour of being a rare thing at Marvel Comics, a[...]

Kevin Sorbo Is Voicing Hercules In Smite

This is something.Smite has just passed 10 million players online and to celebrate, it has been announced that Kevin Sorbo will be lending his voice to the Hercules character in the game Yes As In The Hercules: The Legendary Journey Kevin Sorbo.This pack will come free with the game and is hitting August, so using[...]

Looking Into Radical, Dave Elliott, Alan Moore, Steve Moore And Hercules

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon interviewed  Alan Moore, during which Moore expressed his extreme displeasure over the actions of Radical Studios regarding the Hercules movie staring The Rock. He alleged that they had mistreated his friend, Steve Moore, who had written the comic the movie is based upon, before his death, then lionised him afterwards to promote the[...]

New Trailer For Hercules Starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson

When you're a legendary half-immortal hero, there's very little room to be selfish, as Dwayne Johnson learns in the newest trailer for the year's second take on the Hercules myth.Johnson's Hercules just wants to be a husband and a father instead of going out and risking his life killing extremely large mythical creatures all the[...]

New Promo For The Rock And Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Chopped Up Scene

Or, maybe, a commercial for Lion skin cowls...Here's how MTV are representing the new new Hercules, the one with Brett Ratner and The "Dwayne Johnson" Rock. Get More: Dwayne Johnson, Movie Trailers, Celebrity News Yeah, the only way to make a lion more ferocious is to stuff it full of rocks.I'll be interested to see how much better[...]

Trailer: The "Dwayne Johnson" Rock Is Brett Ratner's Hercules

The Rock is Hercules He's got his top off, he's buff, he's in a trailer that I might have expected to run with 300: Rise of an Empire Guess it wasn't ready in time.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JZhGYrgCPg[/youtube]That looks a lot less wiseassed than Brett Ratner's typical smart-talking fare Could be be reinventing himself? We'll see about that.It also[...]