Champions #13 Review: Broken Buildings And Bad Dads

Not too long ago, Marvel announced that we'd be getting yet another crossover — this time featuring the Avengers and the Champions. It was billed as a "cataclysmic clash" between the older generation, the new, and a world shaking super villain. The covers seemed to bleed contention, spelling trouble for our young cast.

Well, we got our hands on Champions #13, and it's not quite what was expected.

Champions #13 Review: Broken Buildings And Bad Dads

Given the heated descriptions of both Champions #13 and Avengers #673 you'd expect that we'd open with some sort of discomfort as the two teams struggle to stop the villain of the day. Instead, everyone seems to be working quite well together. In fact, they seem to be a more well-oiled team than they are as two separate groups. The only one who is actually struggling seems to be Vision, whose mind is more on his daughter than the task at hand.

Even under the pressure of working with the Avengers, the Champions are still standing up for one another. Mark Waid continues writing a fantastic super family — especially the easygoing conversation between Miles and Scott. The camaraderie between the duo speaks volumes as they gang on Vision over his bad parenting practices. It's a moment of humor sorely needed in a rather cut-and-dry issue. "Find building, punch building," seems to be the name of the game.

The Avengers are predictably sidelined and reduced to boosting the Champions' egos — not too shocking, considering this is a Champions issue. When Avengers #673 comes out, I'm sure we'll see much of the opposite happening — though given the ending, which isolates both Viv and Falcon in what appears to be the past, it'll be interesting to see how much time we get with which characters.

Overall, it's the beginning of a crossover arc, and thus holding out on anything too attention-grabbing just yet. Thankfully, there are plenty of endearing moments to smooth out the edges and keep the plot going. The best parts are yet to come, but at least you'll get to enjoy Ramos's killer art in the meantime.

You can pick up Champions #13 on October 18th and Avengers #673 on November 1st.

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