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HexGaming Launches New Line Of Ultimate Xbox Controllers
HexGaming revealed a new line of gaming controllers this week for Xbox as they will now be selling Ultimate Xbox Controllers Technically they will be releasing two different sets in the same line as they have the Ultra X and Ultra One controllers for you to choose from Depending on which one you're looking at,[...]
HexGaming Releases The Hex Rival Pro Controller For PS5
HexGaming released a brand new game controller for the PlayStation 5 this week as players can snag the Hex Rival Pro Controller Clain in black and gold and customized for esports players, this particular design was made to be the ultimate step-up for those who take their gaming very seriously The controller brings with it[...]
HexGaming Launches Their Own Esports Controller For PS5
HexGaming revealed their latest gaming controller specifically designed for PS5 esports competition this week with the HEX Rival This controller was straight-up designed to give you an edge on the game from the grip to the button scheme to the feel of the thumbsticks The company also went out of its way to make several[...]