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The Writer's Journey 2017: Breaking In And Managing A Career In Hollywood
Read the first chapter to see why readers are hooked on it. Story Development Three books that did more to understand story development than any classes: Stephen King's On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft Writing the TV Drama Series by Pamela Diamond Writers on Comics Script-writing by Peter David Thorne notes that writers should do industry research by checking[...]
From Comic Nobody To Hollywood Nobody – With Your Help!
You may remember my bestselling books, Everything I Need To Know I Learned Through Television and The Shy Guy's Guide To Dating. No? No hard feelings! In a world where everyone is famous for 15 minutes, there are nobodies like you and me that can't grasp the big brass ring no matter how high we reach. That's why I wrote this[...]
Video: Helen Slater Talking (Or Not) About CBS' Supergirl
But what role will she play in the new show? Pam Noles took the opportunity to ask her at Working Stage in Hollywood, featuring the theatre group she runs with husband run, Turbine Arts Collective where she confirmed… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0CChbms-6Y[/youtube] …well nothing, really[...]
DC Previews Albuquerque On Animal Man
The ad will start running in the back of DC comics in the next few weeks and teases the next story arc Jeff Lemire that involves Animal Man heading to Hollywood to take on Brother Blood. Lemire and Albuquerque's new story arc starts with issue #24.           Back in July we let you know that American Vampire's Rafael[...]
When Hollywood Steals From Comics
Photo by Seth Kushner. If any aspiring comic book creators were still under the impression that bringing their project to Hollywood would be an easy endeavor, or a hard endeavor, Friday's "Comics, Hollywood – What Creators Need To Know" panel put those hopes to rest It's not easy, it's not just hard, it's damn near impossible. One[...]