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Modiphius Reveals Homeworld: Revelations & Legends Of Avallen
Modiphius Entertainment announced a pair of TTRPG releases as you can get quickstart rules for Homeworld: Revelations and the core rulebook for Legends of Avallen The first of the two is free as it is a prelude to upcoming releases, serving as a guide to help get players started in the fully licensed Homeworld TTRPG[...]
Homeworld: Revelations By Modiphius Entertainment Now On Preorder
Modiphius Entertainment, a tabletop game design company known well for their licensed games such as Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms, have announced that preorders for Homeworld: Revelations, their tabletop role-playing game take on the popular Homeworld series of video games, have begun! With creative input by Martin Cirulis, one of Homeworld's original writers, and Aaron Kambeitz,[...]