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I've Just Read Diane Ruggiero-Wright's Script For The US Remake Of Misfits

Yesterday, we told that iZombie TV show co-creator/producer and Veronica Mars alumni Diane Ruggiero-Wright was behind the new US remake of Misfits. Today, we get a look at that first script. How does it stand up? Well the language has been toned down, the first UK series began with the memorable "I'm gonna kick you so hard […]

The End Of Misfits Begins Next Month

Misfits series five is on its way, at the end of October. And thankfully, the cast haven't been ransacked by The Hobbit, Game Of Thrones and the like. Eight hour long episodes… but they are the last ones. I was the first person to write about Misfits, the first to review it, and I still […]

More Details Of Misfits Season 4 – Now Including A Six Foot Rabbit

Channel 4's press department have have revealed a little more about the next series of Misfits, in and amongst information that we'd already picked up. The most notable new addition is a six foot tall rabbit. They're not so rare, though. It's a tradition that goes back through Donnie Darko, Animal Crackers and on to […]

Misfits Getting Three New Characters, Here's What We Know About Them

Would be young offender super powered types, you better move fast. There are going to be at least three new main characters in the next series of Misfits, and the show's casting directors are currently accepting applications. But the closing date is today. Here's how the three roles have been described on the casting call: […]

Misfits Season Four Is Officially A Go

The green light has flickered on at Channel 4 headquarters, signalling the good people of Clerkenwell Films to get stuck into development with the fourth series of Misfits. We've been expecting it, and it's now official. However, there's not yet been any confirmation of rumours that the series might be extended to thirteen episodes. Not […]

Behind The Scenes Of Misfits 3.1 And A Trailer For 3.2

We'll start with a bit of set-up and a behind-the-scenes look at last night's first episode from the third series of Misfits. In case you missed Rich's review of the episode, he absolutely loved it. And, moving swiftly on, here's a trailer for next Sunday's second episode. Not many expert TV-rippers out there, are there? […]