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Heroes Reborn Peter Parker The Amazing Shutterbug #1 Review
Instead, armed with his genius and technology, he essentially invented drone photography but (again) didn't reap the rewards of his brilliance, instead of taking the quick money and becoming the best known (if not best paid) photographer of the superhero set … people he secretly hates, due to Hyperion's role in a tragedy in his[...]
What could be more appealing than that, true believer? Well, opinions may vary depending on whether you're a reader or a marketing executive, but nevertheless, enjoy this preview of Heroes Reborn Hyperion and the Imperial Guard #1, in stores next week from Marvel Comics. HEROES REBORN HYPERION AND IMPERIAL GUARD #1 MARVEL COMICS MAR210535 MAR210536 – HEROES REBORN HYPERION[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #2 (OF 7)
Check out the preview below. HEROES REBORN #2 (OF 7) MARVEL COMICS MAR210509 MAR210511 – HEROES REBORN #2 (OF 7) BAGLEY TRADING CARD VAR – $4.99 MAR210514 – HEROES REBORN #2 (OF 7) BUSTOS STORMBREAKERS VAR – $4.99 MAR210515 – HEROES REBORN #2 (OF 7) CHRISTOPHER ACTION FIGURE VAR – $4.99 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Dale Keown, Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis[...]
The cover to Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & the Imperial Guard #1.
 One of these heroes will be Hyperion, and as the leader of the Squadron Supreme, he will be leading them into the role that the Avengers filled in the Marvel Universe we are all familiar with  But that's all about the now, and in the upcoming one-shot issue, Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & the Imperial Guard, we[...]
The cover to Marvel's Peter Parker, The Amazing Shutterbug #1.
 That doesn't sound too different until we see that Peter is now the preferred photographer of Hyperion and is actually the superhero's little buddy. Sounds a bit like the classic Superman/Jimmy Olsen dynamic, right?  Well, that's certainly obvious, but in the hands of writer Marc Bernardin and artist Rafael De Latorre, they hope to make this story[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Celebrates 2 Years With Parody Short
Not bad really. The games is constantly adding new characters to play, most recently added were Phoenix, Baron Mordo, Doctor Voodoo, Hyperion and Howard the Duck. https://youtu.be/-Pk9XpFGAFkVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Contest of Comments | Marvel Contest of Champions (https://youtu.be/-Pk9XpFGAFk) Marvel's Contest of Champions mobile game is having their two year anniversary and to[...]
Howard The Duck Comes To Contest Of Champions
Hyperion, the fist member of the Squadron Supreme to be added is part of the new event and a playable character you can get earn in the arenas The second character is a little more surprising… Howard the Duck Howard and Hyperion are taking players through a portion of the contest and we get to[...]
Nik Virella Quickdraws Hyperion
She then worked on 1872 with Gerry Duggan and now on Hyperion with Chuck Wendig She is the latest artist to be featured in a Marvel Quickdraw, as we see her working on the Hyperion comic. [youtube]https://youtu.be/-BIcbaVtnsU[/youtube] Nik Virella got her start with Marvel when she was tapped to work with Cullen Bunn on Return of[...]