The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Review- The End Of Quasar…Again

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The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Cover
The Mighty Captain Marvel #8

*Ties in to the Secret Empire crossover

Man, heroes named Quasar just can't catch a break anymore, can they?

The Mighty Captain Marvel and her band of heroes find themselves at the end of their Secret Empire conflict. The Chitauri have them at the end of their rope. They're broken, desperate, and even considering abandoning the Earth.

Willing to consider all options, they accept the help provided by Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord, even if it seems a bit crazy. But will it be enough to break the Shield?

If you read Secret Empire #8, you already know the answer to that question.

That kind of expresses one of the main flaws of Mighty Captain Marvel #8: it's going through the motions of someone else's story. Not only do you know the ending, but you also know exactly how they're going to get there. That kind of hobbles the book from the get-go.

Other books, like Ultimates Squared and Secret Empire: Underground, manage to avoid this by just telling a story separate story from the mainline conflict of Secret Empire.

Here, Captain Marvel is on autopilot as it just elaborates on what we already knew.

Well, it does add one thing. It shows us they frigging killed the new Quasar.

That's right, you remember the new Quasar, right? She was introduced in Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill, was given the Quantum Bands by Wendell Vaughn, the former Quasar, personally, and has been misused in Steve Rogers: Captain America ever since?

I really dug this character. I wanted to see more of her. I love the old Quasar, but I was willing to go along with this new one. Well, she dawdled around a bit in Steve Rogers: Captain America, never got to join a team or get her own book, and went into a coma at the beginning of Secret Empire. Well, in #8 she took down the Shield around the Earth, and apparently, as we see here, that exertion killed her. Fan-friggin-tastic.

Interior art from Mighty Captain Marvel #8 by Michele Bandini
Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Art by Michele Bandini

That's not to say this book is without its redeeming qualities. The cast of characters are still good, and Margaret Stohl is good at playing with them, even if Hopper comes off like a dick for no reason.

We get to see the reunion between Captain Marvel and Wendy, which is a pretty sweet moment.

I'll take any amount of the Ultimates team that I can get now that their proper title has ended.

Michele Bandini's artwork remains as good as ever, with a very unique and eye-catching style that fits the world and atmosphere of The Mighty Captain Marvel. Plus, Erick Arciniega's color work is a good touch on the cosmic atmosphere of the comic, and it focuses on nice blues, purples, and grays for the environment. This balances well with the dark red in Carol's suit.

Unfortunately, the positives don't overpower the banality of Captain Marvel #8. It's a pretty perfunctory comic whose only addition is killing of a character that we never really got to know but had plenty of potential now wasted. I can't recommend this one, which sucks because I love the character of Carol Danvers. She's one of the most badass heroes in the Marvel Universe.

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