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Funko Unveils Marvel Infinity Warps Pop Vinyls at Funko Fair
Funko continues their Marvel reveals as they combine iconic superheroes with the release of new Infinity Warps Pops These characters are fairly new to the Marvel Comics world and were short live with 1-2 issues per character They were created from the use of the Infinity Stones as a new universe is created, fusing heroes[...]
Marvel Infinity Warps Characters Get Their Own from Funko
While heroes were being transported, the Infinity Warps story took place, and these heroes fused together to create mash-up heroes unlike we have ever seen before These mash-up Marvel heroes show off unique backstories with combined histories of each character, and three of them got their own Funko Pop collectible The Infinity Warps creations come[...]
Have the Infinity Warps Gone Too Far? Secret Warps Iron Hammer Annual #1 [Preview]
The Infinity Warps are mashups of two Marvel characters, created in order to produce extra tie-in issues for the Infinity Countdown/Infinity Wars super-mega-crossover event But when the event ended, Marvel decided to keep the ol' Warps around in case they needed them in the future, and with a little Soul Stone shenanigans, the Infinity Warps[...]
Reality Envy in Secret Warps: Soldier Supreme Annual #1 (Preview)
Ah, the Infinity Warps Such a stupid concept, springing out of such a stupid super-mega-crossover event And yet, we just can't seem to quit those lovable Warps Truly, it's a reflection of duality of life as a comic book fan The Infinity Warps are back for Secret Warps, a Warperific Summer annual event kicking off[...]
Details for Marvel's Infinity Warps Annuals for Summer
First announced at C2E2, Marvel has released the details on their upcoming series of annuals bringing back the Infinity Warps, mashups of characters created by Infinity Gem shenanigans during Marvel's Infinity Wars super-mega-crossover event who also managed to stick around after the event ended thanks to other Infinity Gem shenanigans The Warps will return in[...]
What If Stan Lee Invented the Infinity Warps using Spider-Man and Usagi Yojimbo?
The Infinity Warps are a universe of Marvel characters mashed up with other characters, created as part of the Infinity Wars super-mega-crossover event last year And they stuck around after the ending of that event thanks to some Infinity Stone chicanery And as part of a new event this Summer, the Infinity Warps will return[...]
Watcher/Professor X Mashup Goes All In on the X-Puns in Next Week's Infinity Warps #1
But in a preview of next week's Infinity Warps #1, Marvel latches on to this concept perhaps a little too X-orbitantly Seen below is Observer-X, a mashup between cosmic voyeur The Watcher and the X-Men's even more pervy mentor (let's never speak of his crush on Jean again), Professor Charles Xavier. Observer-X appears to be the narrator[...]
Mark Brooks Draws Infinity Warps for Infinity Wars #6 Variant
Brooks' cover features the Infinity Warps, mashups of Marvel characters based on an idea pilfered from Chris Claremont Below, the press release: When Gamora used the Infinity Stones to fold reality, she created a new universe…and the mind-bending, unique heroes known as the Infinity Warps! This December, the Infinity Stone story that changed the lives of[...]
Infinity Warps Iron Hammer #2 Introduces Howard, Ruler of Asgard
Marvel's Infinity Warps, mashing up two characters from the Marvel Universe to make a new character, seems like an idea worthy of Marvel Assistant Editors Month, but it's actually turned out to be a fun, nuanced concept that… haha, just kidding, it's still really dumb But it does produce some amusing moments, such as in[...]
You Can't Touch This Preview of MC Iron Hammer #1
Check out the preview below, and pick up Iron Hammer #1 in stores next week. Infinity Warps Iron Hammer #1 (W) Al Ewing (A) Humberto Ramos (CA) Adam Kubert INFINITY WARPS?! When Stark Odinson, the brainy but arrogant son of the All-Father, was kidnapped by Ice Giants and forced to make them an armory, he turned their forges against[...]
Infinity Wars #3 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Rain Beredo
and Rain Beredo If you were hoping for a reasonable explanation for the "Infinity Warps" in this comic, then I am sorry to say that Infinity Wars #3 will disappoint you greatly in that regard. This entire issue is encapsulated by Loki trying to negotiate with Gamora while the latter fuses the universe with itself It's never[...]
3 More Infinity Warps from Marvel Comics
It's a Bleeding Cool theory that the upcoming Infinity Warps may be a new way for Thanos — or whoever — to halve the population of the universe by merging one half with another Just mindless speculation… for now. But now we have details of three more spinoff Infinity Wars comics coming… INFINITY WARS: WEAPON HEX #1[...]