Funko Unveils Marvel Infinity Warps Pop Vinyls at Funko Fair

Funko continues their Marvel reveals as they combine iconic superheroes with the release of new Infinity Warps Pops. These characters are fairly new to the Marvel Comics world and were short live with 1-2 issues per character. They were created from the use of the Infinity Stones as a new universe is created, fusing heroes together. We have already seen three of these figure releases as Walgreens exclusive, but now we are getting new characters and new molds. The Infinity Warps Pops will be getting both exclusive and common releases and will contain:

  • Iron Hammer (Thor and Iron Man)
  • Iron Hammer – Glow in the Dark – (Target Exclusive)
  • Iron Hammer – 10 Inch – (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Soldier Supreme (Captain America and Doctor Strange)
  • Solider Supreme – Glow in the Dark – (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider and Black Panther)
  • Ghost Panther – Glow in the Dark – (GameStop Exclusive)
  • Arachknight (Spider-Man and Moon Knight)
  • Madame Hel (Madae Masque and Hela)
  • Diamond Patch (Wolverine Alter Ego: Patch and Emma Frost)
  • Weapon Hex (Scarlet Witch and X-23) (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Fantastic Two (The Thing and Human Torch) (Funko Shop Exclusive)

Each of these designs is very well done and will be fun for Marvel collectors, new and old to collect. Weapon Hex is a must-have for me as it adds a little extra magic power to my favorite hero: X-23. Ghost Panther is just a badass concept, and the GameStop exclusive with flaming chains is easily the better of the two. It does look like a lot of these figures are getting special glow in the dark variants, which is not bad at all as those glowing Funko Pops always stand out. Each of these figures is set to release in June 2021, and pre-orders are live for the commons and here. Pre-orders for some of the retailer exclusives will also start going live soon, except for Fantastic Two, who will get a random drop on the Funko Shop at some point. Stay tuned for more Marvel Funko Pop reveals from the Funko Fair as they are revealed.

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