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The ESA Adds Six New Member Companies to the Mix in 2019
Those six companies are Intellivision Entertainment, Natsume Inc., Riot Games, SEGA of America, THQ Nordic, and Wizards of the Coast All six will have the same rights and privileges as others currently do who sit on the ESA, as they all work together to help make the gaming industry better in certain areas like First Amendment[...]
Details Slowly Coming Out About the New Intellivision Console
If you've been just a little bit curious as to what Intellivision Entertainment has in store for the upcoming new console, details are now starting to emerge IGN got an interview with the company's new president Tommy Tallarico, asking him what's going on with the system, and we got some interesting details Aside from the fact that[...]
Intellivision Announce a New Gaming Console Is on the Way
All they said was that details of the new console would come out on October 1st, so nothing for E3. In the meantime, the biggest piece of news beyond the announcement is that Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico has been made the president of Intellivision Entertainment as they head into a new direction[...]