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Rick and Morty season 4 (Image: Adult Swim)
Following up on last year's award-winning "Pickle Rick," this year saw "The Vat of Acid Episode" walk away with the gold. Directed by Jacob Hair and written by Jeff Loveness and Albro Lundy, the episode was joined in the category by Big Mouth's "Disclosure The Movie: The Musical!," Bob's Burgers' "Pig Trouble In Little Tina," BoJack[...]
Rick and Morty Companion Podcast Live: EPISODE #409 – CHILDRICK OF MORT
Director Kyounghee Lim, writer James Siciliano, background lead Robbie Erwin, and lead post supervisor David Marshall were all kind enough to set up shop for the Rick and Morty Companion Podcast Live to talk all things "Childrick of Mort" From scenes that didn't make the cut and impossible action scenes to the problems with animating[...]