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Producer James Vanderbilt Talks Shining Prequel Overlook Hotel

Overlook Hotel is an in-development prequel to The Shining at Warner Bros. Director Mark Romanek is attached to helm the picture from a script by Damien executive producer Glen Mazzara. The whole thing sounds crazy, but producer James Vanderbilt tells Collider that it won't be what people are expecting. "It's not like '20 Years Before The […]

They're Calling The Film The Amazing Spider-Man – New Info, New Image To Celebrate

It's not just going to be called Spider-Man then? Oh, no. Nothing so prosaic. Sony have just officially announced that the upcoming, Marc Webb-directed, Andrew Garfield-starring Spider-Movie will be released across the US on July 3rd 2012, under the name The Amazing Spider-Man. Let me hear a Woo-Woo if you called it. Or, you know, […]

Rhys Ifans Cast As Villain In New Spider-Man Film

The drip feed of Spider-Man information from Sony continues. Every time there's a new press release, I feel like one of those kids who has their Christmas presents parsed out over the holiday as he's handed the next little sock full of nuts and fruit. This time around we learn that Rhys Ifans will be […]