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Kissing Candice Releases Music Video For "Brand New Low" Single
Experimental metal band Kissing Candice has teamed up with rapper Jamie Madrox of rap duo Twiztid to create their latest single, "Brand New Low," and the music video that they produced alongside the single The sound that results from this collaboration is heavy, mechanical (in the best ways), and quite cool. The single cover for experimental metal band[...]
This stuff just continues to shoot them in the foot with this wave. Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) is a figure I wanted for so long, and I love all three head sculpts so much The trench coat is not removable, but you won't want to if your figure has such a poorly painted chest like mine[...]
Multiple Man #1 cover by Marcos Martin
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The New Mutants find Jamie Madrox within a locked vault underground They bring him back to the X-Men, where Beast examines Madrox He admits being a duplicate of "Jamie Madrox Prime," and Hank informs him that he is deteriorating Soon after, this Madrox steals Bishop's time travel device, and things get weirder. Multiple Man #1[...]
Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, died during Marvel's Death of X, a casualty in the war to make Cyclops a villain and make the Inhumans happen At least, that's what we all thought, but one man believes that Jamie is still alive, living on a farm with Layla Miller That man is Peter David, writer[...]
The Revolving Door Of Death Spins Faster In Astonishing X-Men
But a death usually lasts a good while before the character comes back, with a couple exceptions. Well, Marvel's X-Men editor Mark Paniccia has thrown out a teaser that another character who died very recently may be back sooner rather than later. Nothing in the works right now with Peter or X-Factor but here's a little something[...]