Kissing Candice Releases Music Video For "Brand New Low" Single

Experimental metal band Kissing Candice has teamed up with rapper Jamie Madrox of rap duo Twiztid to create their latest single, "Brand New Low," and the music video that they produced alongside the single. The sound that results from this collaboration is heavy, mechanical (in the best ways), and quite cool.

The single cover for experimental metal band Kissing Candice's latest single, "Brand New Low", featuring Jamie Madrox of Twiztid.
The single cover for experimental metal band Kissing Candice's latest single, "Brand New Low," featuring Jamie Madrox of Twiztid.

This is the first single by the metal group to include a guest vocalist, and Jamie Madrox seems to have been the perfect vocalist for the track's brutality. According to a press release put out by Kissing Candice via Adrenaline PR:

"We definitely did not want to have just anyone be the first vocalist featured on one of our tracks," [Kissing Candice bassist] Grip says. "We wanted someone we respect that is at the top of their craft. We were lucky enough that our friend Jamie Madrox of Twiztid was all about hopping on the track and delivering a few killer guest parts."

Kissing Candice is comprised of the following members in addition to Grip on bass: Aunt Donna on vocals, Dreamer on guitar and vocals, Pak-Man on drums, and Suffront, also on guitar. The band got its start in New York and continues to terrify with their heavy, experimental sounds and horrifyingly awe-inspiring masks.

You can find the music video for "Brand New Low" at the bottom of this article by clicking the YouTube video link. Meanwhile, what do you think of the new single, if you've heard it? Does it go sufficiently hard enough for your tastes? Let us know your thoughts on the band and the single and accompanying music video in the comments below!

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