Let's Take a Look at the New X-Men Marvel Legends Wave

Marvel Legends collectors responded very well to Hasbro putting out X-Men characters in the line again. Between Deadpool waves and straight X-Men waves, they have done extremely well. The BAF Juggernaut wave is a personal favorite of mine, one of the best waves of Marvel Legends I have on my shelf. So to say that myself and others were excited for this wave of figures would be an understatement. Hasbro was kind enough to send over the wave for us to show you, so lets dive in.

First off, I did not take pics of the packaging this time. It is the same as it has been for years now. We all know what it looks like. Stellar as always, MOC collectors have nothing to worry about.

X-Men Marvel Legends 2018 Wave 1

Sadly, loose Marvel Legends collectors might find a mixed bag here. These figures have a lot of quality control issues. They have pumped out so many figures this year that this almost feels inevitable, but it was sad to see as I opened these.

The first two figures I opened were Gladiator and Magneto. Both have the molded capes that connect in the back, and this time the pegs are a little flimsy and soft so it was difficult to get them to stay in their backs. Gladiator is a well-sculpted figure, and as long as you keep his cape on he looks good too. The mohawk looks pretty sweet, they did a good job on this head sculpt. But paint chipping and splotching are rearing their head right from the start with this first figure.

Not as bad as the Magneto figure though. This more updated version of Erik comes with interchangeable hands, and these flimsy energy/lightning bursts they have fallen in love with. Two heads are included as well. All kinds of issues here: the unmasked head has gap issues between the head and hair, and paint and scraping all over the helmet head sculpt and legs. The imperfections really draw the eye to them.

Even worse are the Psylocke and Multiple Man. Psylocke has a great buck, I really like the new female bucks they have been using these last few waves, but again, paint aps are terrible. Multiple points with paint bleed from purple into her skin. Paint chips around joints or in plain view on her shoulder. This stuff just continues to shoot them in the foot with this wave.

Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) is a figure I wanted for so long, and I love all three head sculpts so much. The trench coat is not removable, but you won't want to if your figure has such a poorly painted chest like mine. Yellow and blue paint mix everywhere. More chipping around the chest articulation. More disappointment.

Hands down the figure with the most issues is the Wolverine, and that sucks. Yellow suit Logan is one I was very much looking forward to, and I didn't even get him out of the box before I cringed. Whoever over there decided that this Marvel Legends Wolverine needed individually pegged claws: we need to have a talk. It is impossible to keep them straight, every time you move the arm or hands they fall off or bend. Just atrocious. The arms have swivel shoulder joints which is cool, but the biceps and elbows make them damn near impossible to get into natural-looking poses. He just feels cheap, and that sucks big time. A huge disappointment.

On the other hand, classic Sabertooth is one of the best figures they have released this year. Perfect articulation, the claw hands are amazing, the head sculpt is perfect, great looking paint aps on this one. The fur piece is removable, held in place by a peg, much sturdier than the capes on the other figures. I wish he could move his head vertically a touch more, but that is a minor quibble. He is great, and should be owned.

Surprisingly, my favorite figure in the wave was the one I was least excited about. This Storm figure is perfect. Great outfit choice, the mohawk with the fade is fantastic, the head sculpt is striking from any angle. Even the lightning pieces work here. I have zero bad things to say about this one. Super, super good job here.

Sadly, we limp across the finish line with the Apocalypse BAF. The sculpt is good, but again the QC issues are hard to ignore. There is paint chipping everywhere, the hoses don't stay connected very well, he has surprisingly limited mobility, and he feels a little undersized somehow. The scratching and paint problems are just too much to ignore, the blue picks up every imperfection.

Man, overall this wave was a major letdown. Your mileage may vary here of course, but out of 8 figures (including the BAF), all but 2 of them have serious quality control issues. You are really going to want to check these out before buying them in the store, make sure you are getting a good piece for your collection. I have nothing against the character selection here, nor the sculpting on the majority of the figures (besides the stupid claws on Logan). But the attention to detail is just not there on this wave, and besides Sabertooth and Storm, I would say save your Marvel Legends dollars for a different wave. Unless you find figs with less QC issues than these of course.

If you want to get some of these for yourself, they are hitting stores right now, or you can place an online order pretty much anywhere that sells Marvel Legends figures, like right here.

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