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Glenn Danzig Signs Verotik Comics Tonight In Los Angeles
Also, cameras will be banned, there will be no photos allowed inside the store. Verotik was intended to be a "Vertigo erotic" style line, mature readers comics with plenty of sex and nudity, and saw the likes of Frank Frazetta, Grant Morrison, Simon Bisley, Jae Lee, Tim Vigil, Liam Sharp, Martin Emond, Drew Posada, Jason Pearson,[...]
Rememberiung Jason Pearson in The Daily LITG, 18th January 2023
And you can read the Top 100 Bleeding Cool Stories from 2022 right here. Remembering Jason Pearson in The Daily LITG, 18th January 2023 LITG: The ten most popular stories yesterday Jason Pearson, Creator Of Body Bags, Died In December Aged 52 Nightwing's New Superhero Team For 2023 (Spoilers) Three-Body Problem Episode 1 Proves Slick But Conventional: Review  Declaration of[...]
Jason Pearson, Creator Of Body Bags, Died In December, Aged 52
Yesterday, the news began to emerge that comic book creator Jason Pearson, had recently died In the early hours of this morning, his family posted the sad news that the creator of Body Bags, and artist known for Deadpool, Spider-Man, Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes, Savage Dragon, Tom Strong, Global Frequency and the X-Men had died[...]
Jason Pearson Says Afua Richardson Only Gets Work Because She's Pretty
At which point Body Bags artist Jason Pearson, apropos of nothing, replied in her thread talking about how awful new artists like Afua were, compared her work to his own work on X-Men which he posted, and said that such artists as Afua were getting success without having paid their dues And not being "vetted". Thar[...]
Jason Pearson's Body Bags #1 CGC 9.8 At Auction
Some folks have a lot of time for Jason Pearson's Body Bags Some even have time for Jason Pearson.  But he did burn a lot of bridges An established and admired comic book creator, working on the likes of Global Frequency, Tom Strong, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Deadpool, X-Men, and many more Body Bags was his[...]
Dave Bautista Goes Indie, Will Star in Adaptation of Jason Pearson's 'Body Bags'
To do that, Bautista will star in Dogtown, an adaptation of the long-running comic book created by Jason Pearson, Body Bags Punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline has the scoop on this news, which sees John Wick 2 writer Kyle Ward attached to write the screenplay. The movie doesn't have a director yet, but producer Gary Walters[...]
Kickstopped: Jason Pearson and Body Bags – "A Series That I Really Hated Doing"
And I am trying to find out exactly what happened. Jason Pearson is a very successful comic book creator, with work including Body Bags, Global Frequency, Tom Strong, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Deadpool, X-Men and many more But it is his creator-owned dark comedy series about father-and-daughter assassins for Dark Horse, Body Bags, that has attracted the[...]
Jason Pearson Shares His Process For An Uncanny Avengers Variant Cover
Over on his Facebook page, Jason Pearson shared these images showing the stages for his Uncanny Avengers variant cover With the images, Pearson explains that he is a huge fan of Rogue so she got center stage and he admitted he doesn't like Sabretooth much, hence he got pushed to the back. It's also interesting to[...]
Jason Pearson Draws The Superman/Batman Scene From Dark Knight Returns
This is what you get when you commission Jason Pearson to draw the climatic scene from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns He writes, Here's a commission for a Dark Knight-Batman and Superman piece I really wanted to do Batman in his normal outfit but when he faces off with the Man of Steel in the finale,[...]
Steampunk Teen Titans Cover By Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson showed off a steampunk Teen Titans cover this evening on facebook. In the quote Pearson says: "Teen Titans cover Steampunk style Who knows when DC puts it out I don't know." From what I understand the cover will be out in February for issue #28 as part of a month promotion similar to the Scribblenauts covers[...]
Jason Pearson Is Destroying His Original Artwork Unless You Stop Him
Shortly after writing about creating a new Body Bags comic called Vicious, creator Jason Pearson posted on Facebook; As a notice to all concerned, all artwork of mine, that is still in my possession, will be destroyed after a period of time. If this is upsetting then my apologies I just don't need the unwanted around me[...]
Six For Suicide Squad #20
Fletcher and a cover by Jason Pearson It reads a little like the Man from U.N.C.L.E in hell and it's really very good Have you voted in the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards? Only a few days left… Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool I was always rather fond of Suicide Squad[...]