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Abbott #5 cover by Taj Tenfold
Jason Wordie's color art holds together well too, providing a great color identity to the book. Abbott #5 closes out a series with a lot of promise that faltered in its own execution The story and pacing are clunky, the text walls often tell more than show, and the great art isn't enough to make up[...]
Abbott #4 cover by Taj TenfoldAbbott #4 cover by Taj Tenfold
It makes Abbott look slower than the reader, and it's frustrating. The supernatural elements aren't inherently bad, but the random injections of high fantasy elements and Elena being some kind of prophesied "lightbringer" takes me out of this hard-bitten narrative about racism, sexism, and journalistic integrity. The comic is terminally verbose too, and it could cut out[...]
Comics Can Do Anything – Even Tell Us About Paleolithic Carpathian Shamans
Tiger Lung by Simon Roy and Jason Wordie is a collection of related short stories, the first of which was originally serialized in Dark Horse Presents, and it now appears with 2 more stories and a sketchbook section in a slim, moderately sized and rather attractive hardback at 88 pages released in December 2014. Yes, it[...]