Abbott #5 Review: A Disappointing Ending to an Unfulfilled Series

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Abbott is at the mercy of Bellcamp now. She is tied up and witnessing all the monstrosities he has and is willing to commit. He has plans for Elena Abbott. Her friends search for her and want to help, but this is a fight that Abbott must handle alone.

Abbott #5 cover by Taj Tenfold
Abbott #5 cover by Taj Tenfold

Abbott #5 concludes the miniseries, and, while I held out hope that the story would provide a solidly good issue, this finale closes out any chance of that unless the title gets another volume.

The setting was good, the character seemed interesting, but the plot gave misfire after misfire. That, unfortunately, holds true in this issue.

The comic clumsily provides an explanation as to why Bellcamp didn't kill Abbott, and it's contrived as hell. Elena shows a bit more fear and helplessness than seems appropriate for the character. Bellcamp is an underwhelming rogue with an also contrived motivation. The themes of sexism and racism are mentioned, but they don't really play much into this final confrontation.

Elena's friends don't play a significant role in the comic either, only showing up to provide what feels like extra padding to the comic.

The conclusion isn't bad and is the strongest aspect of the book. However, it's too late to salvage this story by then.

Sami Kivela's artwork once more comes out strong and is the best aspect of the book. The set-dressing and paneling is often very creative, and the representation of the eldritch forces upon which Bellcamp calls look really cool. Jason Wordie's color art holds together well too, providing a great color identity to the book.

Abbott #5 closes out a series with a lot of promise that faltered in its own execution. The story and pacing are clunky, the text walls often tell more than show, and the great art isn't enough to make up for the narrative's faults. Unfortunately, this one doesn't earn a recommendation. Give it a pass.

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