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She-Hulk Marvel Unlimited Infinity Comic - Then Disappeared
UPDATE: 24 hours later, it's back up! Links and original story below… Okay, that was a weird one this morning, on Marvel Unlimited re-reading the newly-dropped webtoon-style adaptation of the She-Hulk comic by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido, then Ron Wimberly Renamed She-Hulk: Law And Disorder, notable for a comic book about She-Hulk as a working[...]
Javier Pulido's Work On Ninjak #4 Was Binned, Replaced By
Javier Pulido is a Spanish comics artist, best known for work on Human Target, Robin: Year One, She-Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, and also the artist on Ninjak, currently published by Valiant Entertainment Or at least he was Javier posted to his blog, On Ninjak, which he uses to deconstruct his own comic book work, saying Hi[...]
Promo Artwork by David Nakayama
Valiant Entertainment has released an early preview — a very early preview— of Ninjak #1, the new series by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido launching this July In the new series, the masturbating ninja will be jakking it undercover, on the run after the identity of all MI6 agents was compromised We're not going to[...]
Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido Relaunch Ninjak at Valiant Comics
Valiant Comics, the eyebrow-raising darling of the Harvey Awards, has announced a relaunch of Ninjak with writer Jeff Parker and artist Javier Pulido Ninjak, co-created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada during Valiant's first run in the nineties, focuses on Colin King, an ex super spy who is about to get his secret life exposed to[...]
ET-ER Cover
The first issue is written by Jeff McComsey, drawn by the prolific Javier Pulido, and lettered by Dezi Sienty Andrew Robinson created the cover. The Cover Art for AWA Studio's ET-ER #1. AWA Studios: This Is How You Stealth-Release a New Comic This new release comes as a surprise Instead of weeks or months of previews, AWA kept[...]
From Strip To Script – She-Hulk #2
To that end, I ended up tackling this double-pager from She-Hulk Issue #2*, by the team of Clayton Cowles (letters), Javier Pulido (artist), Charles Soule (script), and Muntsa Vicente (colorist). *Harvey Dent much? Yeesh. PAGES THIRTEEN/FOURTEEN (EIGHT PANELS) P1 SHE-HULK strides through the shattered door as HELLCAT lands Two HOMELESS PEOPLE huddle next to the ruined door, cursing[...]