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Build-A-Bear Reveals New Star Wars Plushes With Jawa and Loth Cat
The Jawa and the Loth Cat are getting the stuffed animal treatment giving fans some iconic Star Wars creatures The Jawa has been popular since A New Hope and even return in The Mandalorian as the Offworld Jawa This plush feature that cut bear appearance but will have a 5 in 1 soundbox showcasing some[...]
New Star Wars Vintage Collection Figures Revealed From Hasbro
Fans will be able to get their hands on the new The Mandalorian Offworld Jawa that will come with the new Mudhorn Egg accessory This is a perfect army builder figure from Razor Crest collectors to capture the Jawa's scrapping the ship. Arc Trooper Echo is back as he is finally getting a solo release with[...]
Star Wars Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Figures Debut From Hasbro
Following his lead is the salvaging Jawa, who features a cloth rope and a blaster Last but not least, Star Wars fans will be getting the return of Old Ben, aka Obi-Wan Kenobi The 6" figure will pay tribute to its original design, from his debut red color scheme to the plastic robe. Fans will be[...]
New Jawa and EG-6 Hot Toys Figure is Making Us Scream Utinni
Jawas have filled our mind with wonder and mystery since their first appearance in Star Wars: A New Hope The abduction of C3PO and R2-D2 showcases these little creatures The little salvagers are here to scrap and make deals Hot Toys is bringing a Jawa and EG- 6 Power Droid Figure Set The 1/6 figures[...]
Funko Roundup: Saga, Star Wars, Monster Hunter, Bendy, and More!
These are pretty adorable, with the Jawa being the one I would want to get for myself The C-3PO looks hysterical, however He looks like he has a creepy baby head We are also getting a Vice Admiral Holdo Pop Played by Laura Dern in the film, not a ton is known about this character[...]