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Jersey Jack's newest machine, Dialed In, is one of the most advanced machines I've played in years Created by Pat Lawlor, this is Jersey Jack's first original game, as well Combining smartphone technology with classic pinball machine appeal, this is a game that should be included in your collection. The game features all the normal things[...]
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On a rainy Tuesday morning I made my way up to Lakewood, New Jersey to visit the Jersey Jack Pinball facility The building is unassuming with a simple sign outside, but inside is a world of pure imagination. Jersey Jack made their pinball debut in 2012, with their innovative Wizard of Oz machine Jack Guarnieri has[...]
wizard of oz can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jersey Jack's Wizard Of Oz Pinball ( Back in 2013, the pinball world was introduced to The Wizard of Oz from newcomers Jersey Jack The solid state machine features five flippers, four pop bumpers, two slingshots, five magnets, two vertical up kickers, one drop target, and one spinning[...]