There's No Place Like Home: The Wizard Of Oz Pinball By Jersey Jack

Back in 2013, the pinball world was introduced to The Wizard of Oz from newcomers Jersey Jack. The solid state machine features five flippers, four pop bumpers, two slingshots, five magnets, two vertical up kickers, one drop target, and one spinning target, with a 26-inch HD LCD screen in the back glass.

Toy designer Matt Riesterer created some exceptional toys for the machine, including Ruby Slipper Flippers, Munchkin houses, the infamous witch legs, and more. The machine is beautiful, and honestly one of the best looking machines I've seen in years. The game is fun and user friendly, and was ahead of its time.

Brand new, the machine originally went for $7000, but I've seen them for sale anywhere between $6500-$9000. I have not played the special Ruby Red or Emerald City editions, now have I ever seen either in person. If you're able to get this machine, do so. It's a fun game with a family-friendly theme.

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