Are You Dialed In? Jersey Jack's Smartphone-Themed Pinball Machine

Jersey Jack's newest machine, Dialed In, is one of the most advanced machines I've played in years. Created by Pat Lawlor, this is Jersey Jack's first original game, as well. Combining smartphone technology with classic pinball machine appeal, this is a game that should be included in your collection.

The game features all the normal things you come to find in machines, but Dialed In also has bluetooth connectivity allows player's personal smartphone to operate flippers and other things. There's also a digital camera that will take your picture and display it on the LCD backbox display. There's an LCD screen mounted on the playfield, an animated robot, an animated smartphone on the playfield, a moving target, left out lane kickback, and more.

The game is challenging, but that's how it should be. If you're able to play this machine — or add it to your collection — do so. You will not be let down.

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