jinx pax 2018 hoodie

Jinx Announces New Gamer Hoodie Available Only at PAX East

The hoodie looks like your standard kind of esports team jacket you may see teams walk around in, but take a closer look as you're getting a Boston Bruins-themed logo on the front with a modified Jinx logo, as well as several parody logos on the arms of familiar game companies over the years, and a[...]

J!NX's Latest Clothing Line Is Available In Retail Store

(J!NX), may be the world's leading and most beloved brand for gamers for nearly two decades, but they've never had their stock available in stores Until now The highly anticipated J!NX Brand 2017 Fall Collection of gaming lifestyle apparel and accessories to gamers and fans worldwide Known for its quality, authentic licensed merchandise and accessories,[...]

Jinx Sent Us Some Overwatch Gear, So Of Course We Tried It On!

A couple weeks ago I got some really cool news sent my way: J!nx (or Jinx, if you prefer) came out with a set of Overwatch clothing and gear to celebrate the game's anniversary Naturally, being a player, I couldn't resist — I asked what we could snag for review Below are some of the awesome[...]