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It's Never Aliens, Right? The X-Files #10
Writer Joe Harris is truly keeping the tone of the show alive in this issue, with artist Greg Scott bringing the cast to life Cigarette Smoking man stands out against Reagan, with his callous and calculating nature shining bright Reagan is made to look naive and almost stupid by it While I can't spoil the[...]
Rockstars By Joe Harris And Meghan Hutchison Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)
Joe Harris has announced his new comic Rockstars with Megan Hutchison, About Jackie Mayer, who knows rock 'n roll secrets but he isn't the only one Rock'n'roll and magic mixing, described as Almost Famous in a world of Supernatural. Each arc will cover a different era of music, the 70s, the 80s and more[...]
Great Premise, Could Have Picked A Better Title. Snowfall Is Coming From Image Comics
Creators of Great Pacific, Joe Harris (The X-Files) and Martín Morazzo (Vertigo Quarterly), are reuniting for an all-new ongoing science-fiction series from Image Comics The series entitled Snowfall will be set in the year 2045, where it no longer snows Readers will be introduced to a world where a catastrophic crash has left the climate[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Alice Cooper #1 By Joe Harris And Eman Casallos
Chaos! #1, Dynamite has sent us Alice Cooper #1 by Joe Harris and Eman Casallos with a cover by David Mack. The X-Files' Joe Harris takes on The Prince of Darkness – Alice Cooper in his FIRST ongoing comic series! Rock n' roll legend Alice Cooper was never a stranger to the mystic and the macabre[...]
SDCC '15: Great Pacific's Joe Harris And Martín Morazzo Team For New Image Comic
Creators of Image hit Great Pacific Joe Harris and Martín Morazzo are collaborating once again on a new sci-fi series. The new book will be produced through Image as well Harris is currently working on the third issue, Morazzo is finished with the first Harris says we should expect an announcement and solicits for the series by the end of the[...]
ECCC '15: Talking To Joe Harris About X-Files Season 11 Comic From IDW
But hot on its heels is X-Files Season 11, also written by Joe Harris I got the chance to ask him some questions… only to see this tweet go out. In the middle of a big interview with Bleeding Cool One of the most fun and introspective X-Files interviews I've done. — Joe Harris (@joeharris) March 24,[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Vampirella Vs Dracula #1 By Joe Harris And Ivan Rodriguez
Dracula #1 by Joe Harris and Ivan Rodriguez The series also featured covers by Dawn creator Joseph Michael Linsner. In honor of the fast approaching Halloween holiday and the big Vampirella digital comic sale over at Comixology, Dynamite Entertainment has sent us Vampirella Vs Dracula #1 by Joe Harris and Ivan Rodriguez The series also[...]
Exclusive First Look At Alice Cooper #2 And Red Sonja: The Black Tower #2
Red Sonja: The Black Tower #2  by Frank Tieri, Cezar Razek & Amanda Connor and Alice Cooper #2 by Joe Harris, Eman Casallos & Ardian Syaf. First the covers and then the previews. FOC Incentive A: For any retailer that maintains or increases orders on ALICE COOPER #2, they will be eligible to order one (1) ALICE[...]
Alice Cooper Talks About His New Dynamite Series
He's appeared in Marvel Comics, teamed up with Neil Gaiman for the Last Temptation and now has a new series at Dynamite with writer Joe Harris Kevin Pearl chatted with Cooper about the new series and his relationship with the publisher. KEVIN PEARL: First off, how did this project come about? ALICE COOPER: "My manager Shep mentioned[...]
Double Shot Previews From Valiant – Armor Hunters: Bloodshot And Archer & Armstrong
Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 by Joe Harris and Tervor Hairsine and Archer & Armstrong #22 by Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez… and we've got previews below. ARMOR HUNTERS: BLOODSHOT #1 (of 3) (VALIANT FIRST) Written by Joe Harris Art by Tervor Hairsine Covers by Philip Tan, Clayton Crain and Trevor Hairsine The hunters become the hunted! With the[...]
Welcome To His Nightmare – Joe Harris Talks Alice Cooper
Now the enigmatic front man returns again in a new series from Dynamite written by Joe Harris I chatted with Harris about the new series and what it's like writing a rock legend. BLEEDING COOL: Let's start off with this has to be kind of an odd assignment in that you are writing about the persona[...]
Exclusive First Look At Alice Cooper #1
The new series will be written by Joe Harris and drawn by Eman Casallos and will be available with both a photo cover and one done by artist David Mack. The series will follow the character of Alice Cooper who was once the master of dreams but lost his power and is now trying to get[...]
Joe Harris Brings Alice Cooper To Comic Shelves
That is about to change. Alice Cooper #1 will be hitting comic shelves this September written by Joe Harris, drawn by Eman Casallos along with covers by David Mack and photo covers of the man himself In the new series Cooper is portrayed as a rocker by day and "Lord of Nightmares" at night He watched[...]
Armor Hunters Branch Out Into New Bloodshot And Harbinger #1s
Retailers will be able to "unlock" chromium covers of each #1 issue with their orders. On July 23rd, Project Rising Spirit's most dangerous soldier brings the hunt to the hunters in Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 by writer Joe Harris (Great Pacific, The X-Files: Season 10) and artist Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) [...]
Dan Jurgens Takes Over Writing And Drawing Firestorm
In what DC describe as "a whole new direction beginning this issue". The title has had a little trouble, creatively, with co-writer Gail Simone walking off the book, to be replaced by Joe Harris, soon to be followed leaving the book by the other co-writer Ethan Van Sciver Artist Yildiray Cinar stayed on the book, and[...]
Joe Harris Launches The Great Pacific As A Kickstarter Comic
Bleeding Cool talked about Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo' Great Pacific comic as a series planned for Image Comics in 2012 And while that may still be happening, the production will be funded through Kickstarter. Here's how the comic is described; Great Pacific tells the story of Chas Worthington, recent heir to one of the richest oil[...]
Vampirella vs. Dracula
This January, writer Joe Harris will be pairing up one of comics' oldest vampires, Vampirella, with one of the oldest vampires in fiction, Dracula, for Dynamite Entertainment's Vampirella vs Dracula The basis for this version of Dracula comes from an Alan Moore/Gary Frank short story that was part of Vampirella/Dracula: the Centennial, a 1997 Harris[...]
Joe Harris To Launch Great Pacific From Image Comics In 2012. With Octopi.
Bleeding Cool already mentioned the horror comic book that Joe Harris is creating with Ethan Van Sciver at DC Comics, Bastardized. Well, we also know about his upcoming comic from Image with Martin Morazzo With the title Great Pacific its an environmental disaster adventure comic And there are visuals and designs… Again, that's about it. [...]
Bastardized By Joe Harris And Ethan Van Sciver From DC In 2012
Bastardized is a new horror series by Joe Harris and Ethan Van Sciver, the upcoming Fury Of Firestorm creative team, to be published by DC Comics next year. That's basically all I know Bastardized Horror series Joe Harris Ethan Van Sciver DC Comics. What do you want, blood? You'll probably get it… DC declined to comment[...]
DC Confirms Gail Simone Leaving The Fury Of Firestorm
Truth is it was a rumour I felt incredibly safe in reporting as everyone in the industry seemed to know it, even if Bleeding Cool was the one to put it on the page. Today, DC have confirmed that Gail is no longer with the book as of issue 7, with Ethan being joined by Joe[...]
Sequelising Alan Moore – Vampirella Vs Dracula by Joe Harris
Which contained, amongst stories by Warren Ellis and Mark Beachum, and James Robinson and David Mack, a Dracula story by Alan Moore and Gary Frank entitled The New European, in which Dracula is brought to America. And now Joe Harris is writing a six issue sequel from Dynamite, who bought the Harris interest in Vampirella[...]
Ghost Projekt To Be Syfy TV Mini Series
Created by Joe Harris and Steve Rolston, the supernatural spy comic tells the story of an weapons inspector being called to an abandoned Russian faculty to find a stolen weapon that's very different indeed… I also understand that Oni has an even bigger deal for a feature film with Warners, linked to Harry Potter producers, over[...]