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"Doctor Who": Steven Moffat's "Day of the Doctor" Rewatch Intro [VIDEO]

You can't keep the Doctor Who fans down. As the entire world hunkers down for self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, fans around the world announced a communal online rewatch of the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor. The event was to take place at 7pm UK Time on Saturday March 21st. Fans were […]

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"Doctor Who": BBC Honors 11th Doctor's Best "Geronimo!" Moments [VIDEO]

We're less than two weeks away from a new series of Doctor Who. The BBC are keeping up interest by releasing another video compilation on the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel. This time it's the 11th Doctor's turn. Matt Smith's star-making performance might be the most unexpected and unpredictable turn of any actor to play […]

Paul Darrow, Star of 'Blake's 7', Passes Away Aged 78

"Blake's 7," "Doctor Who" Actor Paul Darrow Passes Away, Age 78

The BBC reported on Monday that actor Paul Darrow, best known for his role as Avon on Blake's 7 as well as his work on dozens of television series throughout his career, passed away after a brief illness at the age of 78. For many Science Fiction fans, Blake's 7 is a classic show unique […]

Doctor Who: Are We Giving Daleks Self-Esteem Issues?

If there was one major takeaway from this year's BBC Doctor Who New Year's Special 'Resolution,' it's that there's definitely a new Dalek in town. It's broke and has no casing, broken off by a bunch of warriors hundreds of years ago. So what's a poor Dalek in "The Big City" to do when it finally […]

A List of the Most Murdered Men in Movies

You know Sean Bean– great actor, appeared in loads of British TV series and Hollywood movies, by all accounts a nice chap. His performances let you see the flawed human being in the men under the tough exterior, even when he's playing the worst psychopathic baddie. And according to the internet, he is the most […]

Castle of Horror: Only Lovers Left Alive Is Beautiful, Pretentious

We wrap up our Sexy Vampire Retrospective (for now) with Jim Jarmusch's 2013 film Only Lovers Left Alive starring Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and John Hurt. The film was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and tells the story of two vampires living out what may be their final days on […]

John Hurt's Final Performance As The War Doctor

Before he passed away earlier this year, legendary actor John Hurt took another spin in the TARDIS as the War Doctor for Big Finish Productions. Hurt recorded the audio drama Casualties of War with Louise Jameson, Jacqueline Pearce and Nicolas Briggs. We may never get to see more of the Time War with Hurt in […]

John Hurt, Award Winning Actor From Alien, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Dies At 77

The British thespian and recipient of a Golden Globe Award and four BAFTA Awards (along with two Academy Award nominations), John Hurt, has passed away from complications believed to have arisen from a multi-year battle with pancreatic cancer. His career has spanned more than than five decades, with immortalized performances as John Merrick in Elephant […]

Going For A Classic – Everything Wrong With Hellboy

Cinema Sins must have a little bit of free time as they've gone back and did the Everything Wrong With… treatment on Hellboy. The film by Guillermo del Toro stars Ron Perlman, John Hurt and Selma Blair came out back in 2004… which now makes me feel very old.

Tread Perilously Podcast — Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Tread Perilously returns to Doctor Who! But to begin another set of episodes with the famous Time Lord, Erik presents Justin with the 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor." Intended as an example of treading safely, the episode may not have been a complete success. The Doctor must face his past (literally) when […]

John Hurt Returns As The War Doctor In Doctor Who: Only The Monstrous

John Hurt is The Doctor, the War Doctor, sitting between the Eighth and the Ninth Doctors in Doctor Who lore. He has appeared twice in the TV show, but now returns to play the character in a new series of radio dramas from Big Finish from December in twelve new episodes. The audio adventures of The […]

Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Delayed Again!

In the documentary, The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys, director Terry Gilliam said his life often takes on the shape of the movie he is making. This is certainly true of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a film he's been trying to make for nearly twenty years. Originally starring Johnny Depp […]

The War Doctor Is The Fourth Doctor In Titan's Summer Event

Yesterday, we ran the news that Titan's Doctor Who summer event, rather than being a Three Doctor story as previously believed would be a Four Doctor story. With Twelve, Eleven and Ten – but who was the fourth? Not nine… but War. This will be the first leading role for the War Doctor, played by John Hurt, […]

The War Doctor Gets Knighted

Actor John Hurt received a knighthood during the annual New Years Honours. The 74-year old actor has appeared in 195 film and television titles in his 50-year career including I,Claudius, Alien, Frankenstein Unbound, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, Hellboy, V for Vendetta, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, and more recently Doctor Who. […]

Mythbusters' Adam Savage Goes Incognito At Comic-Con

Adam Savage of the Mythbusters filmed himself going around this years San Diego Comic Con in his replica John Hurt / Kane Enviromental Suit from Alien for Tested, the youtube channel of he and Jaime Hyneman. He may not be the only celebrity to try walking the floor in disguise, but he is definitely the […]

Guillermo del Toro To Make B&W Film Before Pacific Rim 2

Over on has a story about director Guillermo del Toro's next project. With Crimson Peak in post production and the announced Pacific Rim 2 starting Kaiju and Jaeger designs next month, you'd think he'd be pretty busy. But the filmmaker has said that he plans on making a small black and white film before he […]