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John Kricfalusi Puts The Violence Back Into Cartoons

To promote a new line of John K-designed T-shirts, Stüssy have hired the Ren & Stimpy creator (and regular destructor) to animate a new, if pretty characteristic, cartoon. Kricfalusi has also posted to his blog, with a headline that promises all of the violence we've just enjoyed, and a closing statement that suggests there might […]

Stussy X Marvel Makes For T-Shirts Team Up

Cartoon, Todd James, James Jarvis, John Kricfalusi, Gary Panter, Bill Plympton, David Shrigley, Will Sweeney.Let's flatter Rich and say something like "It'll be like Civil Wardrobe.. but in your wardrobe".My wife has been trying to throw out my Cookie Monster t-shirt for months, complaining that it's not suitable wear for an adult (or something like[...]

A Lesson In How To Write Cartoons From John Kricfalusi

If not, then prepare for a lesson in how to write cartoons, according to Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi.Over at Letters of Note they've got a letter for John K in which his big advice on how to write cartoons is.. to not write cartoons Nope You should storyboard them. When I was a[...]