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John Romero is Releasing New DOOM Content
Variety is reporting that John Romero and his studio Romero Games, are releasing a free "megawad" for the original DOOM called "sigil." Yes, the content is being released for the 1993 game Not the remake. While a DOOM megawad is typical a fan-made batch of 15+ levels, Romero is using the term himself given the update[...]
Just Who Is The Doomguy From Doom's Iconic Box Art?
Just not manly enough to be the Doomguy. John Romero, ID co-founder and Doom designer, recently shared some background about the game's memorable box art and how it came to exist in a post on his blog. According to Romero, Don Punchatz, who created the Doom font and drew the game's box art, brought in a male[...]
Haeser, Hasson And Smith Return To The Living Corpse
It tells the tale of John Romero (a likely hat tip to George Romero), who was a loving husband and father until he died and came back as a zombie Romero eat the brains of the first two people he came across and then regained his awareness To his horror he finds the two he[...]
Doom Creator Says Modders Should Be Paid For Their Work
I've pointed out my stance, that I think they absolutely should be, but I understand the other side of this discussion. Doom creator John Romero has now waded into the argument, saying that not only should modders be paid, but his old developer id Software tried to implement it way back in 1995 Speaking to,[...]