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"Life on Mars" Series 3 Happening; Set in 70s, 80s & Today [REPORT]

Out-of-time DI Sam Tyler (Doctor Who's John Simm) and his rough-but-fair boss DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) won over viewers from the start, as did the show's soundtrack, attention to detail, and infectious overarching mythology In 2008, spinoff series Ashes to Ashes with Keeley Hawes premiered and featured Life on Mars characters characters of Hunt,[...]

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"Doctor Who": BBC Looks Back on The Master's More Masterful Moments [VIDEO]

While he only lasted a few minutes, he made enough of an impression that Big Finish continues to produce audio dramas set during the Time War. The Sixth Master: The Sneer John Simm matched David Tennant as a Master who came off like an aging psychopathic juvenile delinquent Showrunner Russell T Davies introduced a pulpable homoerotic tenson[...]

Collateral: Carey Mulligan Investigates Deadly Shooting in Series Trailer

That's the premise behind Netflix and BBC2's Collateral, the upcoming limited series starring Carey Mulligan (Mudbound, Wildlife), John Simm (Doctor Who), Nicola Walker (MI-5) and Sam Otto (Snowpiercer) Created and written by Oscar-nominated writer David Hare (The Hours, The Reader), the series is directed by Jessica Jones and The Defenders filmmaker S.J Clarkson and will touch upon[...]

White Dragon: Amazon Lands Mystery Crime Series With John Simm

Written by newcomers Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood and directed by Paul Andrew Williams (Broadchurch), the series stars John Simm (Doctor Who, Mad Dogs) and Emilia Fox (Merlin) and will premiere on ITV before airing exclusively in the U.S on Amazon Prime.White Dragon introduces us to sheltered London professor Jonah Mulray (Simm), who travels to[...]

John Simm To Return To Doctor Who As The Master

Can season 10 of Doctor Who server two Masters? They want to give it a go it seems as John Simm, the Master who played opposite of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor will be returning to battle with Peter Capaldi's Twelfth And that's to go with the already announced return of Michelle Gomez as Missy, the[...]