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John Noble
Word is that he will be returning to another role he's been playing the last few years, Morland Holmes, father of Sherlock (Johnny Lee Miller) on the CBS series Elementary. Noble first appeared in the series in the first episode of season 4 after having been mentioned many times and even impersonated by Sherlock's actor friend[...]
Ewan McGregor Is Spotting Trains Again
Joining McGregor are Johnny Lee Miller, Kelly Macdonald, Robert Carlyle, Shirley Henderson, and Ewan Bremner Danny Boyle also returns to direct. In the featurette below, McGregor talks about what happened to Renton and where he's been for the last two decades. T2 Transpotting will open March 10th, 2017. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: T2 Trainspotting Featurette[...]