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Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers Last Week
Here's a look at some of the reaction to and from DC staffers who left this past week, including Andy Khouri, Mark Doyle, Bobbie Chase, Sandy Resnick, Jonah Weiland and Dan Evans III. Andy Khouri posted the following last Friday, and many creators and other staffers responded Bleeding Cool selects a number of those, as well[...]
CBR's Jonah Weiland Confirms He is DC Comics Vice President
At 4am my time, 8pm his time, Jonah Weiland, my former boss – and former owner – at Comic Book Resources confirmed the Bleeding Cool story, that he was returning to comics to be DC's new VP of Marketing & Creative Services. A week and a bit ago, Bleeding Cool reported that Jonah Weiland had accepted[...]
Jonah Weiland, Head Of Marketing at DC Comics
After hearing from a number of sources this afternoon, I understand that Jonah Weiland, former owner of Comic Book Resources – now better known as CBR – is returning to the comic book industry and has accepted a place at DC Comics, in the role of Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services I understand[...]