Former CBR Boss Calls Marvel's Secret Empire Request For Patience "Absurd", "Boneheaded"


It's been a year since Jonah Weiland sold Comic Book Resources to Valnet, Inc. and set off on a relaxing journey around the world on his luxurious yacht, finally free of the the burdens of the 24-hour comic book news cycle. Now, Weiland is speaking out on Twitter, responding to Marvel's recent call for "patience" in regards to Secret Empire in a blunt way that might seem shocking from the founder of what was once the biggest comic book website in the world:

Of course, this isn't the first time the former siterunner of a major comics website has spoken their mind after leaving the business. In 2014, I spoke with Matt Brady, who ran Newsarama during its glory days, and he had an interesting take on the comics news business and where it was headed when he got out in 2007:

I called it quits because it was losing the fun aspect to it. When things started, it was pretty much the Wild West, and there were real leaks and scoops and things like that. As the years went by, and the publishers started trying to control the press more and more and phrases like, "We'd be very unhappy with you if you…" became more common, or laying the groundwork for a story only to see another site get it handed to them as an exclusive…I think overall, I just really got tired of playing the game. I started writing for comics journalism in 1994, so by the time I left, I'd been doing that kind of stuff for what…about 14 or 15 years — the last eight were full of 7 day weeks of 16+ hour days. It was time to go — I needed to retain, or regain my sanity.

I've said it before – when I told my friend, Charles Brownstein, the Executive Director of the CBLDF, that I was leaving, he told me that with that one decision, I added ten years to my life.

With Jonah Weiland dropping unfiltered truth bombs like the tweet above just one year after leaving CBR, what can we expect from him seven years from now? A tell-all book? Maybe a podcast?

We'll be sure to keep close tabs on it — that is, unless we've found our own opportunity to cash out by then.

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