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Jordan White Cancels #XMenMonday Again, Promotes Music Career Instead

For the second week in a row, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has canceled the most important weekly comic book holiday, X-Men Monday The news comes exactly one week (as that's how often Mondays occur) after the celebration of all things X-Men was canceled, apparently due to the looming midterm elections.With no elections happening this week,[...]

Marvel Wants You… to Make Emma Frost Memes for #XMenMonday

It's time to celebrate the holy holiday of X-Men Monday once again, which means that, as prophecized, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter to share snippets from upcoming X-Books, including the Merry X-Man Holiday Special, Shatterstar #3,  and Uncanny X-Men #3 and #4, all of which are going to press this week. you can[...]

Marvel's Jordan White Spoils the Last Panel of Uncanny X-Men #1 for #XMenMonday

Whatever the reason, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter on Monday to post some new information about the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch, including posting the last panel of the book, along with some other teases: if that weren't enough, Uncanny X-Men and Mr[...]

Marvel's Jordan White Celebrates #XMenMonday With 10 Mystery X-Men Previews

It's X-Men Monday, and Marvel X-Editor Jordan White appears to have recovered enough from denying us a Chris Claremont ongoing at New York Comic Con to post some previews This time, rather than tell us what books the previews are from, White has posted the previews in a mystery format, asking fans to guess which[...]

Return of Wolverine Launch Trailer Declares: When Fans Speak, Marvel Listens

The video features artwork from the comic, as well as appearances by Akira Yoshida, Jordan White's mustache, and writer Charles Soule.In the trailer, Yoshida, otherwise known as Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B Cebulski, makes the case that Marvel totally planned to keep Wolverine dead when they killed him, but Charles Soule had such an amazing story they[...]

Why Did Laura Kinney Give Up the Wolverine Codename and Return to Using X-23?

Well, fedora-playing, ukulele-wearing X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter on #XMenMonday to try his best for a no-prize by posting this page from the upcoming X-23 #3 by Mariko Tamaki and Juan Cabal.Meanwhile, in X-23 #3, Laura gets in-your-face about the changes she's taken on #XMenMonday — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) August 27, 2018"I took[...]

Marvel X-Editor Jordan White Wants to Reboot Excalibur, Give Longshot a Solo Series

Ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing Marvel X-Editor Jordan White must have had a busy day at the office Monday, nearly forgetting to engage in the weekly X-Men Monday promotion on Twitter until it was time for his commute home from work As a result, White decided to hold a Q&A on Twitter during his ride home. as a[...]

Marvel's Jordan White Reveals 1st Panel and Editorial Changes for Uncanny X-Men Relaunch

Thankfully, ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter on #XMenMonday to share the original image, so you can use it as your computer or smart device wallpaper, or simply examine it more closely for more clues.Of course, it still fails to answer the most important questions: Where is Cyclops? Where is Wolverine? Where is[...]

Weapon X-Force Lineup, and Maybe a Death Spoiler, Revealed by Marvel's Jordan White

Consider yourself warned...Marvel's ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing editor X-treme Jordan White revealed the full lineup for Weapon X-Force, the new team taking over the pages of Weapon X in August.What's this??? The full line-up of Weapon X-Force! #XMenMonday — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) June 25, 2018The "fresh start" for Weapon X was first revealed in Marvel's August[...]


Have We Learned Something New About Marvel's X-Classified?

CBR has revived their X-Men interview column, X-Position, with ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing editor Jordan White (what good X-column could stay dead forever?), and White may have dropped a new clue about the upcoming X-Classified book, which we're supposed to learn more about this month So far, we know only two about the comic: that it will[...]