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Happy! Season 1 Finale Recap: "New Frontiers of Suck"

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's final weekly reminder recap for Syfy's  Happy! (for this season, anyway) as we take a look back at the season finale, 'I Am the Future': Happy! s01e08 "I Am the Future": With Christmas approaching, Sax and Happy are locked in a climatic confrontation to rescue Hailey from Very Bad Santa's lair; Merry sets out to […]

Happy! Season 2: Syfy Renews Morrison, Robertson Adaptation

With the show's first season finale a little more than 48 hours away comes word that Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) and Blue's (Ritchie Coster) psychotic interrogator extraordinaire Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) are going to have some more time to sit (…carefully…) and talk about that scene from last week's episode. Syfy is giving an official "thumbs […]

Happy! Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: "Was It…Freckle Juice?"

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of Syfy's Happy! and another round of freshly baked "reminder recaps," as we take a look back at last week's Episode 6, 'The Scrap Yard of Childish Things' – but first? A few "best of" clips to get your brain up-to-speed: Happy! s01e06 "The Scrap Yard of Childish Things": Sax and […]

Grant Morrison Talks Happy! and How Networks Now Want "More"

Over twenty years ago, shows like American Gods, The Handmaid's Tale and Masters of Sex had about as much chance at mainstream success as clear Pepsi and newly-flavored Coke. But over time, the networks were forced to contend with some heavy-hitting competition in the form of premium cable networks (HBO, Showtime), basic cable channels (AMC, […]

Happy Trails! Episode 104: Join Us for Bleeding Cool's Happy! Live-Blog!

Thanks for joining us for our fourth edition of Happy Trails!, Bleeding Cool's live-blog of Syfy's Happy! and tonight's second episode, 'Year of the Horse." At the end of last week's episode, Christopher Meloni's Nick Sax went twelve rounds with Very Bad Santa (Joseph Reitman)… and it did not go well for Sax, to say the least. Thankfully, he's got […]

Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: "Does It Matter?"

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of Syfy's Happy! for another round of "reminder recap," with our sights set on Episode 3, 'When Christmas was Christmas.' So on the plus side? Happy (Patton Oswalt) has Sax (Christopher Meloni) back in "detective mode" to save Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) from Very Bad Santa (Joseph Reitman). Negative side? Round one […]

Happy! Season 1, Episode 1 Recap: "Less Paperwork if He's Dead."

After months of promotion and a slight scheduling setback that pushed the series from a September to a December premiere, Syfy dropped the first episode of their series adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's  Happy!… and Bleeding Cool's here with your live blog recap of 'Saint Nick.' My Happy! live-blogs and recaps are less "formal reviews" and more of a "rev-ap"-type […]

Happy!: Join Bleeding Cool's Live-Blog of Syfy's New Dramedy Series

Fans of Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson's Happy!, the time has come! After months of promotion and a slight scheduling setback that pushed the series from a September to a December premiere, Syfy drops the first episode of their graphic novel adaptation Wednesday night…and Bleeding Cool's there for 'ya! Join me tonight and every Wednesday night at […]

Joseph Reitman To Play "Crazy And Delusional" Villain In Syfy Series 'Happy!'

With the announcement of Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) to a part of the Syfy adaptation of Grant Morrison's Happy! earlier today, we now have a villain cast for this television version of the dark and weird series. Joseph Reitman of Money Monster fame will be playing a "crazy and delusional" villain in the series. It has not been said who […]