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Legendary Comics Deals With Random House Over New Graphic Novels From Judd Winick, Geoff Shaw, Jonathan Hennessey, Shane Davis, Brandon Seifert And Eric Battle
Legendary will continue to work with Diamond in the direct market. In addition to distribution, Penguin Random House will provide sales, production, and publishing services. A Town Called Dragon: Writer: Judd Winick Artist: Geoff Shaw Modern-day America and ancient mythology collide when the last dragon egg finally hatches, and an ordinary group of citizens must unite to defeat it. Coming in[...]
Judd Winick Walks Off Batwing, Leaves DC Comics, For Now
Last week, Rob Liefeld walked off his DC Comics in quite a public fashion. But it seems that weeks previously, Judd Winick also walked off his final DC comic, Batwing After he'd already walked off Catwoman And had recently declined to write Green Arrow monthly when offered Like Liefeld he walked off three books But because[...]