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Tom Felton
The addition of Tom Felton as Julian Albert to season five of The Flash turned out to be a lot of fun Yes, he was tied into the big bad for the season, but not in a way that was expected and with him joining Team Arrow and becoming involved with Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker)[...]
Tom Felton
And in the latest season she got involved with Julian Albert (Tom Felton) who started off as Doctor Alchemy, only to discover he was being manipulated by Savitar and was actually a nice guy – but then Caitlin turned into Killer Frost. Now word is that Felton will not be returning as a series regular for[...]
Julian Albert Wants To Go To The Planet Of The Apes In Latest Flash Trailer
An extended trailer for Attack on Gorilla City has been released and it shows what may be the first time in the series that Julian Albert is excited about something At the end of last episode Jesse Quick comes through the portal and tells Wally West that Grodd has taken her father, Harrison Wells, and[...]
The Monsters We See And Don't See – Flash Moves Above Monster Of The Week
But he remembers all the meta-humans from his Earth and wants to stay and help with his knowledge. Now we come to what I think is the bigger moment in the show, the relationship between Julian Albert and Barry It's been strained since the character was introduced Julian tries to get Barry in trouble with Captain[...]
Tom Felton Joins The Cast Of The Flash Tonight
We see one of the first changes in the Flash after Flashpoint with the edition of Julian Albert (Tom Felton) as a fellow CSI that does not like Barry Allen Felton of course is most known for his film role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie series. This appears to be a new character into[...]