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They have an offer from their boss, someone who sounds like Julian Assange, who's taken asylum in an embassy in London Trouble is, can he trust whoever walks through the door to be who they claim to be? How can he even know? A Play of Ideas and Paranoia This is not a documentary play about the[...]
Captain America Vs Bradley Manning, Julian Assange And WikiLeaks
That's when Julian Assange hosts his WikiLeaks server isn't it The bloody Swiss I knew they'd be behind this. So it all gets violent, lots of kick and 'splode, you can read it yourself, and the fellow in the USAgent costume makes a video message, you know like Osama Bin Laden does But look at that,[...]
Julian Assange, Wikileaks And V For Vendetta
It's not the first time V and Julian Assange have been associated Take this poster from November; The Wikileaks defence activist group Anonymous has been using the V symbology for some time Here are some of their anti-Scientology protests. What is different here is that Julian Assange is being associated with V Which may play into[...]
It's Real-Life S.H.I.E.L.D. Vs Hydra!!! (UPDATE)
As in, "cut off a head and another will take its place". What was the name of the US legislation created to fight Wikileaks again, pointed out by Bleeding Cool earlier this week? Bloody hell, folks, it's SHIELD vs Hydra. You know, despite Wikileaks having my general sympathy and support over this matter, Julian Assange does look like[...]