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Human Target #4 Review: Engaging, Breezy
Credit: DC Black Label Alongside the heroine Ice, a surprising but effective femme fatale herself, the title character continues his tour through the characters of the Justice League International The two of them go to visit billionaire Ted Kord, who flits around the world in a fitting spandex costume as the Blue Beetle The question is[...]
Human Target #3 Review: An Accomplishment
The only clues lead to a group once called the Justice League International, and he's worked with the complicated heroine Ice to begin his investigation The problem is, her ex Guy Gardner is both territorial and incorrect He comes into this book with all the subtlety of a tractor-trailer, and his arc here is sheer[...]
Human Target #2 Review: No Mean Feat
It's not booze. The only clues lead him to believe that someone from the "bwa-ha-ha" era of the Justice League International is involved, and that's a messy bit of business itself Enter Tora Olafsdotter, the hero known as Ice (and former JLI member), who has her own motivations for reaching out to Chance What follows is[...]
kevin maguire
On September 27th, Justice League International Omnibus Volume 1 is scheduled to hit comic shops, letting fans revisit the first part of the classic run in glorious hardcover edition Retailing for $99, it can be preordered on Amazon for 54 bucks But so far, it seems, we've only seen half the picture… literally! The cover shown[...]
Plastic Man – A Continuity Issue For Five Years Later To Fix?
Except… remember Justice League International #1? Who is that masked man? You know, if this was Twilight Of The Superheroes, we could say it all happened in the fluke I wonder what Five Years Later: Future's End will have instead?   When Five Years Later was first envisioned at DC Comics, it was designed to fix a few[...]
The New 52 One Year On – Week Five
With bluffs and double bluffs, family and love, revenge and fury, and a cliffhanger to be resolved in two months with… well, not tigers, this is a pretty story that doesn't elevate itself to the usual experimentation of the ongoing series.   The Justice League International Annual, the final issue of a cancelled book with the creative[...]
Booster Gold Takes On The Superman / Wonder Woman Kiss
Sent from an anonymous comics retailer comes one scene from Justice League International Annual #1which, you know, shouldn't be a spoiler after this week's news agenda, although the panels after it are – and I've deleted those. And while it makes sense in the story, I'm sure, this panel does seem to have Booster Gold representing[...]
Rob Liefeld Leaves Grifter – Will January Bring The DC Fourth Wave?
I also understand there is a new Keith Giffen project in the works. Aside from the already cancelled Captain Atom, Justice League International, Voodoo and Resurrection Man, the lowest selling titles are Grifter, DC Universe Presents, Blue Beetle and Fury Of Firestorm before you get to the still-surviving-into-2013 Savage Hawkman.  Four titles were chopped last time,[...]
Kapow 2012: "The New 52 Will Always Be The New 52" – Dan DiDio (UPDATE)
At Kapow in London this morning, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio clarified the company's publishing schedule, by numbers at least. He confirmed that the company will stick to publishing fifty-two ongoing titles in the DC Universe but they will always be "new" and constantly refreshing. So, basically, we can look forward to September and those zero issue folks… Might[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen DC New 52 #3 Comics – Action Comics, Animal Man, Stormwatch, Detective Comics, Green Arrow, OMAC, Men Of War, Batwing, Red Lanterns, Hawk And Dove, Static Shock, Swamp Thing and Justice League International
The stubble actually lengthens through the issue. Justice League International #3 There's so much potential wasted in this comic, great setups for comedy that just don't play through as they could Such as the "badger" scene below In a previous JLI life, this could have descended into a debate over which creature would win in a[...]