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Monday Trending Topics: Comic Art For Comic Art's Sake

A quote from Kaare Andrews on one of the most-read topics of the past few days: I have never, NEVER, spent a minute more on a page because I thought I could resell it for more money.  The idea is just ridiculous to me.  Many times I don't even have original art to sell because I've […]

Kaare Andrews On CB Cebulski And The Speed Of Production

At the weekend, CB Cebulski took part in a round table discussion about the comics industry for the Toronto Star. An unexpurgated version later went online. It caused considerable controversy amongst comics creators, some who wondered exactly who it was selling their art for $5000 a cover, $1000 a page, who wasn't Jim Lee, Frank […]

Kaare Andrews To Direct A Cabin Fever Prequel

The sub title for the upcoming Cabin Fever prequel is exactly what you'd expect, and probably what it really should be: Patient Zero. The script, by Jade Wake Wall, sets this origin story on board a Caribbean cruise ship run aground on a "research island." Close call. I though they were going to pin this […]