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Tom Brevoort Expects Marvel Age #1000 To "Sell Out Pretty Instantly"
Michael Straczynski and Kaare Andrews then you might want to make sure you get your copy early I expect this book to sell out pretty instantly once folks get a look at it." Marvel Age #1000 is published this Wednesday from Marvel Comics. Marvel Age #1000 IT'S A CELEBRATION OF THE MARVEL AGE OF COMICS – AND YOU ARE INVITED![...]
Marvel Comics
Two days ago, we learned that Marvel Comics was to publish a sequel to Spider-Man: Reign by Kaare Andrews for November Spider-Man: Reign 2 In today's Amazing Spider-Man #31, or #925 if you prefer, we get a preview of the whole thing With the return of the Kingpin… who Mayor Waters of NYC had kept[...]
Marvel Teases Kaare Andrews' Most Notorious Spider-Man Ever- Reign 2?
Spider-Man: Reign was a four-issue comic book limited series featuring Spider-Man, written and drawn by Kaare Andrews and published by Marvel Comics Set 30 years into Spider-Man's future, it features a retired Spider-Man who returns to combat the injustices of a vastly different New York City. In issue #1, there was a panel by Kaare Andrews[...]
Marvel Comics To Publish Marvel Age #1000 In August
Michael Straczynski and Kaare Andrews create the Marvel Universe in a backyard! Dan Slott and Michael Allred depict a crucial turning point for Captain Marvel! Rainbow Rowell and Marguerite Sauvage explore the blossoming relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey! The original Human Torch finds his purpose thanks to Mark Waid and Alessandro Cappuccio! The Silver Surfer confronts Mephisto under[...]
Hulk, Iron Fist and Spider-Man artist and creator of The One %, Kaare Andrews returns to the AWA comic book E-Ratic, for a new volume, now part of the AWA shared universe of superhero stories, including The Resistance, Moths, Knighted, and The Joneses We also get a new Lesser Evils comic, Ginn #1 by Ian Grody, Justin Fair[...]
Kaare Andrews' Infinity Comics Amazing Fantasy Prelude From Marvel
Kaare Andrews' time! As announced today, Marvel has unveiled a new, Marvel Unlimited app with a new Infinity Comics – or Mar-Vertical – lineup Comics told using the Webtoon format and exclusive to the app And that includes a bunch of new titles, such as a prelude series to Amazing Fantasy by Kaare Andrews, featuring[...]
Kaare Andrews' Amazing Fantasy To Get Emergency Treasury Edition
The rather fabulous Kaare Andrews put out a passion project this past week, Amazing Fantasy #1 for Marvel Comics, allowing his various artistic styles and designs to inhabit the lushest areas and characters of the Marvel Universe If there was any problem, it may have been that the pages just weren't expansive enough Well, it[...]
Kaare Andrews Launches Amazing Fantasy #1 in July
Kaare Andrews is one of my favourite comic book creators, with a shifting, malleable style that jumps from genre to genre, with a mastery of light and shadow, space and weight and the kind of noodly detail that comics fans just love One of my most proud moments was getting him to draw Osama Bin[...]
AWA Creators And Execs Support Mike Deodato On Comic Art NFT Rights
His point was, however, that comic book artists for Marvel and DC were allowed to sell their original physical artwork pages, but companies like Marvel and DC were not allowing their artists to do the same with digital NFTs, reserving the right to do that themselves. Mike Deodato cover to AWA's Resistance Uprising Today, Mike Deodato's current[...]
E-Ratic #4: AWA Studio Previews Their Teen Superhero Comic
E-Ratic #4, the next issue of the teen superhero comic by Kaare Andrews as the AWA Studios previews extravaganza continues We present 5 titles out this week and next week from the publisher's list! AWA Studios has sent along with the cover and first pages of the first issue to whet your appetite for the[...]
AWA Studios Release Video Featuring Creators and New Series
Michael Straczynski, Garth Ennis, Christa Faust, Victor Gischler, Kaare Andrews, and John Lees The gamut of genres runs from superhero action to horror to zombie apocalypse to Science Fiction to crime thrillers They often feel like comics from the era of peak Vertigo: meaty stories with strong social and political undertones, which is often Axel[...]
Kaare Andrews E-Ratic #1 AWA
Kaare Andrews is launching his own series from Artists, Writers & Artisans in December, as well as Cullen Bunn and Nelson Blake III launching their comic book Byte-Sized Bill Jemas also published a print version of his COVID Tales digital anthology Details on these books, and everything else from AWA in their December 2020 solicitations,[...]
The legendary Kaare Andrews has got in touch, talking about helping the struggling Emerald Phoenix Comics who had announced they were closing because they were unable to make their rent this month The store is less than an hour's drive from Kaare and he is auctioning off the cover art for Green Arrow #43 on Instagram[...]
The Sneakiest of Peeks Ahead at Marvel Comics #1001
The sequel to Marvel Comics #1000, it continues the same overarching idea of an ongoing story by Al Ewing threaded through a litany one one page stories by the good and the great from Marvel Comics' history. Currently that includes writers Al Ewing, Audrey Loeb, Jimmy Palmiotti, Declan Shalvey, Vita Ayala, Howard Chaykin, Kaare Andrews, Frank[...]
Superman Special #1 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
Kaare Andrews's work leaves a little to be desired detail-wise in the final story, but you get to see Atomic Skull in his pajamas — so that's awesome. Superman Special #1 provides an endearing and enjoyable tale to see off Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason from the title while showing off some great work from other[...]
Love Is Love Is A Triumph At Making 2016 That Little Bit Easier
A worthwhile way. There are some strong emotional pieces in there: the entries from Kaare Andrews, Steve Foxe, Sina Grace, and Marc Guggenheim, Brent Peebles, Chris Sotomayor and John Rashell are particularly tear-inducing And it's wonderful to see work from out and proud LGBTQ+ creators like James Tynion IV, Justin Hall and Phil Jimenez standing alongside[...]
Iron Fist The Living Weapon: Rage – 24 Trades of Christmas
It's also why I'm a fan of the Kaare Andrews' series Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. Andrews is the writer, artist, and colorist on the series… making this an incredibly focused single vision for the story Sometimes that is a bad thing, but in rare occasions like The Dark Knight Returns, you get the right creator,[...]
But What About That "Iron Fists" Series From Kaare Andrews And Afu Chan?
Pip pip. But what about another Iron Fist series you heard about first at Bleeding Cool? Pip pip? Specifically, an Iron Fists series from Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan, starring a six-year-old East Asian girl with a dragon as Danny Rand's partner? Kaare Andrews has the answer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaareandrews/status/806890157009813504 And again… https://twitter.com/JakeGThomas/status/806897472547291136 And again… https://twitter.com/kaareandrews/status/806897931550756864 And again and again and again… https://twitter.com/kaareandrews/status/806898049096134656 https://twitter.com/kaareandrews/status/806913449435332608 https://twitter.com/kaareandrews/status/806917027289931776 And a[...]
Exclusive Previews For Call Of Duty: Black Ops III #6 And Dark Horse Present #27
They've tracked the Red Witch to the basement of the former KGB headquarters, but they'll have to fight their way through a maze full of combat robots to get to her. DARK HORSE PRESENTS #27 Writers: Alan Gordon, Paul Levitz, Carla Speed McNeil, Kaare Andrews, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Keith Goldberg, John Nadeau,[...]
Could Pei Be The Other Iron Fist?
Marvel are going to be releasing a new Iron Fists series later this year, written by Kaare Andrews with art by Afu Chan. It features Danny Rand and an apparently six-year-old Asian girl as another Iron Fist. It has been suggested that this is Pei, who first appeared in Kaare Andrews'  Iron Fist: The Living Weapon in 2014[...]
Why Kaare Andrews Is Focusing 100% On The One %
By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu Kaare Andrews is a Canadian comicbook writer and artist known for jaw-droppingly gorgeous cover work, mainly for Marvel Comics but with a smattering of eye candy for DC too The first recipient of The Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist in 2005 has also directed movies, with the last one being Cabin Fever:[...]
One Hit, One Miss: Iron Fist #3 And Inhuman #2
By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu Title: Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3 Writer and Artist: Kaare Andrews Rage: Part Three begins with a dream sequence that drags Danny Rand through all kinds of pain, setting the tone for even more when our hero returns to K'un Lun to save the day Between flashbacks and currently unfolding events, Kaare Andrews[...]
Two Number Twos Deliver – Iron Fist: The Living Weapon And Silver Surfer
By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu [*Warning: spoilers below for Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2 And Silver Surfer #2] Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2 from Marvel Comics Writer/Artist: Kaare Andrews Earlier in the story, orphan Danny Rand, after defeating the dragon Shou-Lao and gaining the power of the Iron Fist, decided to avenge his parents and set out, leaving[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Kaare Andrews With An Iron Fist
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode84.mp3] After last week's chat with Rick Remender (which you can still listen to here), this time I catch up with writer/artist/all-round-creator-and-good-guy Kaare Andrews (The Incredible Hulk, A + X, Spider-Man: Reign) to talk about his run on Iron Fist which begins this week from Marvel Comics. Kaare & I talk about everything from auteur[...]