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Kaiju Score Gets Third Printing From AfterShock
Printwatch: Marvel Comics Star Wars titles Jabba The Hutt #1 and The High Republic #7 are both going to second printings, while Kaiju Score #1 by James Patrick and Rem Broo from AfterShock Comics is going to a third printing And we have the cover for that last one… Printwatch: Kaiju Score #1 third printing Printwatch: KAIJU[...]
Kaiju Second Printing
James Patrick and Rem Broo's Kaiju Score #1 was published last week from AfterShock Comics, and this combination of Quentin Tarantino and monster movies, is going to a second printing. Kaiju Score #1 From James Patrick and Rem Broo Gets A Second Printing KAIJU SCORE #1 2ND PTG AFTERSHOCK COMICS SEP209378 (W) James Patrick (A) Rem Broo Second Printing ! It's[...]
AfterShock November 2020 Solicitations
AfterShock Comics launches three new titles in their November 2020 solicitations, including Kaiju Score by James Patrick and Rem Broo, Miskatonic by Mark Sable and Giorgio Pontrelli, and Red Atlantis by Stephanie Phillips and Robert Carey. KAIJU SCORE #1 CVR A BROO SEP201019 (W) James Patrick (A/CA) Rem Broo It's the most dangerous heist ever attempted[...]