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Swipe File: Katy Perry's Boobs And The Green Goblin

I don't know if you've seen what Katy Perry does with her boobs in the video for her single, Firework, but the stunt certainly made a few headlines That was all part of the idea, I'm sure.Here's the full video, and also screen grab of her.. er.. roman candles in action.Thanks for that, Katy.Meanwhile, we're[...]

The Simpsons Going Live Action Again, Katy Perry To Guest Star

It's going to feature a special appearance from Katy Perry and, for her sequence at least, Springfield is going to go beyond it's normal 2, cel-animated dimensions and the characters will be manifest as puppets Here's a picture.Nice puppies puppets.*According to EW, Ms Perry will lead the little yellow people in a rendition of The[...]