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Free On Bleeding Cool – Purgatori #1 And #2
It's Super Bowl weekend and a good number of folks around the world will be glued to their television sets to watch the game… or the commercials… or Katy Perry While others couldn't care less about the whole thing Whether you are looking forward to the game or avoiding it like the plague, you might[...]
Monday Runaround: Zombie Cars, Zombie Lighthouses, Katy Perry
Look for this zombie survival car to appear at San Diego… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VYh4UbrT88[/youtube] LighthouseWatch: But sadly not zombie proof lighthouses. SuperWatch:The Daily Mail insist that Katy Perry was dressing as a superhero at the MuchMusic Video Awards Because she wore a dress and did her hair. Meanwhile, Katy Perry made a bid to join the ranks of Spider-Man, The Fantastic[...]
The Wonder Woman That Katy Perry Bought
He's already sold Rorschach painting (below) to Lon Molnar, the CEO of Intelligent Creatures, responsible for every Rorschach mask shot in the Watchmen movie. While Katy Perry bought the Wonder Woman image (above). You can see more of his work here. So 27 year old Canadian artist, Ricky Kruger, just started painting with oils and sharpies[...]
Will Katy Perry Write A New Song For Wonder Woman TV Show?
A plot point in the pilot script for the Wonder Woman TV show, scooped, read and written about by m'colleague Brendon Connelly for Bleeding Cool, has Katy Perry performing a song "Super-Duper Me", inspired by Wonder Woman It's on the songlist for the show. We saved this from the original report, hoping for official comment[...]