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Trailer For The Pale Door Debuts, Releasing On August 21st
The film is written by Koontz, Cameron Burns, and Keith Lansdale The Pale Door will release on demand, in theaters, and digitally on August 21st You can see the trailer, read the official synopsis, and see the film's official poster down below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Pale Door – OFFICIAL TRAILER[...]
Joe and Keith Lansdale Talk Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld, Now on #Kickstarter
It's Alive!, the former IDW imprint turned standalone independent publisher founded and run by Drew Ford will publish its first new comic books series in 2019, Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld. Keith Lansdale, son of Red Range writer Joe R Lansdale, will write the new series, now on Kickstarter, which picks up right where the original left off twenty years ago[...]