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Wally West
In the news yesterday we learned that Keiynan Lonsdale would not be returning as a series regular for DC's Legends of Tomorrow or The Flash The actor, who joined The Flash in season 2 as Wally West and later became Kid Flash, made the jump over to Legends in the second half of its third[...]
Legends of Tomorrow season 4
The question came up last month when The CW released a promo image for DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 that included Amaya Jiwa (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and left out Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) This was surprising because the end of season 3 had Amaya, aka Vixen, going back to defend her village while Wally, aka[...]
Jonah Hex
The image showed Keiynan Lonsdale dressed as Kid Flash in front of an old building saying Last Salvation Saloon Salvation is the town where the Legends have met Hex twice before Now has confirmed with Warner Bros that Jonah Hex will indeed be returning for the season finale. Schaech has appeared as DC's favorite bounty[...]
Jonah Hex
As an image posted to the CW_LegendsofTomorrow Instagram account might hint at the return of an 'unofficial' Legend for his third appearance: Jonah Hex. A behind-the-scenes image of Keiynan Lonsdale in the Kid Flash costume standing in front of an old west building was posted today On the building is a sign that says "Last Salvation[...]
Keiynan Lonsdale kid flash
In what may be the worst-kept secret in the Arrowverse, Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) is making the move over to DC's Legends of Tomorrow as a new series regular The move has been rumored for a while now, ever since word that both halves of Firestorm would be leaving (Victor Garber, Franz Drameh), and Wally[...]
Julian Albert (Tom Felton) left the series between seasons and after getting a break-up cube from Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) decided to go spend some time with a friend in Blue Valley and figure out what he's doing with his life. Why did Wally leave? Producers have admitted that having two speedsters[...]
Wally West
At the end of season 3 of The Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) goes away and leaves Central City in the hands of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) This is something that has been part of the comics as Allen sacrificed himself in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Kid Flash stepped up and became the Flash[...]
Kid Flash Comes Out As Bi In Emotional Twitter Post
Keiynan Lonsdale, who stars in The CW's The Flash as Kid Flash/Wally West, has come out publicly as bisexual in an emotional post on twitter. Lonsdale discusses finding how more young people are being their truest selves and living honestly, and that he himself is sick of pretending of being something he is not. In an honest[...]
How Does Team Flash React To Caitlin Snow's Frosty Side?
We've seen Caitlin is still around in the photos from the 4-series crossover… but what happens this week? How will the team deal with her burgeoning powers? Wally West actor Keiynan Lonsdale told People will be pretty worried Killer Frost from Earth-2 wasn't a friendly foe With Caitlin being scared of her powers, that can[...]
Keiynan Lonsdale On Becoming Kid Flash
In this new video, Keiynan Lonsdale who plays Wally West on the Flash, gives us a recap of the end of last season and how he wasn't quite expecting to become Kid Flash so soon, but with Flashpoint anything is possible. The Flash returns October 4th on the CW. [...]
Keiynan Lonsdale Was A Fan Of The Series Before Auditioning To Be Wally West
Actor Keiynan Lonsdale was fifteen episodes into his new favorite show, The Flash, and trying to get his friends hooked on it before he got the call from his agent telling him about the audition to play Wally West The character is part of the storyline for Joe West (Jesse L Martin) and Iris (Candice[...]