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Masters of the Universe Keldor Prepares For Evil At Mondo
Before he became the villain Skeletor, Keldor was the brother of King Randor and the uncle of Prince Adam His jealously and lust for power succumbed him to the ways of evil, and after a failed attack, Keldor became disfigured Mondo recreates this villain, and fans can showcase each point of his fall into becoming[...]
Masters of the Universe Mattel Keldor and Kronis Rise of Evil 2-Pack Coming
Mattel is releasing the origins of two classic Eterna villains with Kronis and Keldor Both of these characters were never really explored in the original toy line, and it looks like that is changing Keldor aka Skeletor and Kronis aka Trap Jaw and back with 16 points of articulation, added accessories, and some amazing box[...]