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Kerbal Space Program Will Hit Next-Gen Consoles In 2022
Private Division will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of Kerbal Space Program by bringing the game over to next-gen consoles While the team is currently hard at work on producing the sequel to the weird and insane space title that people have come to adore for the past decade, they will be making sure those[...]
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Kerbal Space Program is getting a new cool update in July as the game will be getting real space missions from the ESA For clarification, this ESA is the European Space Agency, which have partnered with Private Division to include a number of their real-life programs and missions into the new update, which is being[...]
The "Kerbal Space Program" Breaking Ground Expansion Releases In December
Private Division revealed that Kerbal Space Program will finally be getting the long-awaited Breaking Ground Expansion on December 5th This pack will send you to the Mun for the first time as you get a ton of new toys to play with and new adventures to be had We have a little info for you[...]
Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Gets a Gameplay Trailer
The crew at Private Division have released a new trailer for Kerbal Space Program's next expansion coming this month, Breaking Ground This update comes with a ton of new content including new robotic parts for more advanced creations, deployable scientific tools to collect important data, and strange surface features to explore Check out the trailer[...]
'Kerbal Space Program' Now In The Hands Of 'GTAV' Publishers
Yesterday the announcement was made that Take Two have taken control of the game Kerbal Space Program, originally created by indie developer Squad The company will continue working with the new owners and will be producing updates for the upcoming expansions to the game. Take-Two and Squad both sent out the news on Wednesday[...]
Kerbal Space Program Is Coming To Xbox One
I've only had one serious play session with Kerbal Space Program, and I haven't let myself play it since The interestingly accurate rocket builder lets you design functioning ships, leave the earth's atmosphere and go land on other moons and planets Four hours disappeared in the blink of the eye while in that play session because[...]
You Can Now 3D Print Your Kerbal Space Program Creations
I've stopped myself putting too much time into Kerbal Space Program, because frankly, I'd get nothing done. When I first started playing, I thought about 45 minutes had past before realising it was closer to four hours The spaceship building physics game is addictive as all hell and I've had to drag myself more than[...]