Supergirl Meets The Parents And It Goes About As Expected

This article will contain spoilers for the Supergirl episode Star-Crossed.







Last night's Supergirl had two main storylines going, and where I was expecting the Mon-El lead one to be the most interesting, I found the Winn Schott story to be the most fun.

Going with the Daxamite story first, a ship arrives in Earth's orbit and takes over the cities airwaves to broadcast, ala General Zod in Man of Steel, that they are demanding the release of Mon-El. just how easy is it to take over all of the networks like that? Mon-El claims to not recognize the ship and Kara flies up to investigate only to be attacked. When it looks like it's going to get ugly, Mon-El announces that he will go to the ship. When he is being teleported up, Kara jumps into the beam and goes with him. That's where we meet Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo), the King and Queen of Daxam and Mon-El's parents. This leads to Kara finding out that Mon-El had been lying about who he was, that he was actually the prince of Daxam. Kara is predisposed to hating Daxamites because of their history with Krypton and she said earlier in the season that the Prince was the worst. The royal family kept their slaves intoxicated so they wouldn't rise up against them. Mon-El has been trying to be something better since he met Kara, but she can't see past the lie and it pushes them apart.

Meanwhile there is another betrayal that happens as Winn and Lyra break into a museum for a little fun. Except the Vincent Van Gogh painting, Starry Night and it turns out that Lyra's people don't show up on film or video. Maggie calls in Winn since he IS on the video and it leads to him discovering that he was just Lyra's mark and this was the third robbery of it's kind. Winn, Alex and James track Lyra down and capture her, retrieving the painting. But we learn that her brother is being held by a gang who are forcing her into stealing to pay off her brother's debt. Winn, being a big softy, frees Lyra and takes her to the drop where Guardian and the DEO arrest the Alien art broker and free Lyra's brother. Winn still cares about Lyra and it looks like she will be sticking around.

The fact that Winn forgives Lyra is something Kara can't understand. For her, lying seems to be a very black & white issue with no excuse. Which is ironic since she is someone who lied about her identity a lot and used to lie to Snapper Carr about where she got her leads from.

Mon-El decides to stay on Earth instead of going off and helping rebuild Daxam as his parents wish. Hatcher's character of Rhea gets most of the screen time and dialogue, but Sorbo's character of Lar Gand might be the more interesting of the two. In the comics, when Mon-El came to Earth he had amnesia, but his powers were so close to Kryptonian that Superman thought he might be a brother and named him Mon for he arrived on Monday and El for the House of El that Kal-El was from. But once he got his memory back, his real name was revealed to be Lar Gand and that he was from Daxam. They haven't explained why Mon-El has what seems to be a Kryptonian name on the TV series yet.

The episode ends with the DEO standing around as a new type of prisoner is being brought in, the Music Meister. This happens just as Winn gives Kara back the dimensional portal device Vibe made for her. Music Meister locks eyes with Kara and puts her under his power, then grabs the transporter, opens a portal and jumps through to find the Flash. And the gathering of DEO agents that included Mon-El, Alex and J'onn did nothing to stop him.

It's hard to tell exactly where we'll be going into next week's Supergirl until we see tonight's episode of The Flash, but it seems someone has placed a bounty on Supergirl's head and I'm guessing it's Rhea and Lar Gand.

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